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    Both Endless T—axis and T-axis Speed Control are software options.

    They have their own separate manuals.

    By the way, is there anyway to change collision sensor sensitivity on teach mode? Because i wanto to test the program before actually run it on automatic but it might detect collision with the brush.

    In a round about way. The job still has moves in it. Check out the manuals for T-axis speed control and Endless T. Doesn’t matter what generation the manual is from, the function has been basically the same since MRC.

    The part is a cylinder and i want to polish the wall of that said part. So basically i just want to rotate the T-axis but in order for me to do this is create to points with different T angles? Isnt Endless T a paid option? And is the manual the operator manual?

    Does the robot have by default a usable force sensor for this? No. Can one be added, yes. We commonly use a PushCorp active force sensor with the deburring equipment mounted to it.

    Regarding the polishing job, is it possible to rotate de flange of the robot without using a MOV fuction. It would kinda work like a motor, but only rotating 360º and back. If this is possible i could rotate the flange and move the robot in a linear path to polish a part

    The company im working in has a Yaskawa MH50-II robot (50kg payload) with a dx200 controller. They want me to use this robot to polish a metal product. Does this robot have, on the flange, a force sensor so i could program it to polish always at a certain force, that way when the brush starts to worn out it automatically compensates and increments forward.

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    Bruno Nogueira


    The previous programmer added a output called "INIBE CALL MASTER". When this output was on it would prevent call master. Dont know why it was created but when turned off it called master job normally.

    We only use the console and IF Panel to call the job desired. Before if we were on teach mode and switched the key to remote ,no matter what job was opened, it would always change to the job named "Master". I dont know how this is done but know its not working. For example, if im on teach mode on a job called "Home Position" and then switch to remote, this job is defined as master job instead of calling the job "Master".

    Hopefully i explained a little better. Its a little confusing.

    it's not just put the program as master, you need to set it in robot condiguration which program is master.

    You mean in the Job window, there is a window to configurate Master. Thats where i did it. (In that window you can call master set master etc)


    Before when key was turned to "Remote" it would automaticly call Master job called "Master" but now it stays on current opened job. I even changed the master job to "Master" but it still opens the current job and it automatically changes master job to the current one.

    How can i set up this correcly to work like before?

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    Bruno Nogueira

    The YIO is this right? I see the cables to the daughter boards. There is no easy acess to the fuses. Am i supossed to take this all thing out?


    I was poking around on adding a sensor on dx 200 controller and after i turned it on an alarm appeared on the pendant (Alarm 4109). I already search on this forum and i read that it probably is a blown fuse on the NIO board. After i looked what i wired, i found out that i missplaced some cables (🤦‍♂️) but nothing major and should be correct now. Is the fuse easily replaceable? And where can i find said fuse on NIO board? Where should i buy said fuse?

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    Bruno Nogueira

    It is a timer, so the time is in hundredths of a second. You don’t need to convert anything if the time is staying within the controller. Display the TM on its own line. Under Display is Time Measurement. This can display the time in a display that appears like Cycle Time or Job Details after you set it up.

    What do you mean by "Under display is time measurement." What display, you mean in IF Panel or Settings? "Display the TM on its own line." And what do you mean by display the TM on its own line.

    After install the Motosim, don't open software, open trial license setup file and run it.

    After install the license key it doesn't give you this message.

    Yea i did that and still didnt work. I installed at my work pc and home pc, both not working.

    Im from Portugal btw so im from Europe.


    So basically i want to know the cycle time of a job and i saw there is a "Timer" that counts time as long as i want it. The thing is this timer is not in minutes, its just adding seconds. I tried to use the variable TM i used, for example, TM000, to do a conversion but it doesnt show up in the instructions "Arith", for example Set, add, etc... . Also i cannot display the Timer on my IF Panel.

    Is there any way to convert those timer variables to Minutes:Second and display it on IF Panel.

    Best Regards,

    Bruno Nogueira

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