Srvo-348 dcs mcc off alarm 01

  • Hello there I'm currently using a M-20ia series robot and I'm stuck with this code Srvo-348 dcs mcc off alarm 01 and i called some people and they told me it was an E-stop Unit but we already checked them all and i cant find anything wrong with them. Any suggestions on what can i do next?

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  • This error indicates a problem with switching off the motor control contactor. I would suggest to check all devices/signals connected to the E-Stop board. It could also be a blown fuse on the E-Stop board or a defective E-Stop board itself.

    Did you switch the power of the controller off and on again? To reset this error, a power cycle of the controller is required.

  • Yes we did all of that. We check all fuses and everything and they all seem ok. So maybe we need to replace the E-Stop Board

  • I have run into this before, and as Boyd said, it was the contactors behind the E-Stop board. They are part of the "E-Stop Unit".

    They are common off the shelf Schneider Electric contactors.

    The E-Stop board can be removed by unclipping the white plastic tabs around the perimeter of the board.

    Use a meter to verify that the NO and NC contacts are in the correct state. When I encountered the problem, one contact was sticky.

    The E-Stop unit was still under warranty, so I had Fanuc replace it for free. But, if it was out of warranty, I would not have hesitated to buy the contactor by itself.

  • Yeah we just replaced the E unit and now robot is now running. Thanks for all the tips guys. They were very helpful to find the problem

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