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  • Good evening, my name is Vanderty Stefan, I am a student at the Faculty of Engineering and Industrial and Robotics, year 1. I want to get in touch with a person eager to start a business in this field. be persevering and form a successful team with the help of harmonious communication. I am looking to form a business in this field and because of this, I want to communicate with someone who has the necessary knowledge to manufacture robots. is anyone interested, please contact me by email I am open to any ideas and collaborations. Thank you! :)

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  • First year student, no skill, no experience, no funding... so what is it exactly that you are bringing in?

    Don't get me wrong, dreams are important too, but need to have some basis in reality and to start a business that competes with long established product lines, it takes more than a dream.

    You cant seriously expect that someone with cushy job, mortgage or two, family and bills to pay like sending own kids to university is going to give it up and dive into some pipe dream business venture with an unknown kid from internet that has zero money.

    What do you think it takes to design, make and market an industrial robot? What do you think is reasonable timeline? How much development, debugging and tuning is needed?

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  • Have to agree with panic mode here for sure.

    Pushing the 'actuals' aside for a moment, It's ok, asking about for other people's comments, opinions and suggestions, but to attract a 'certain degree of skill', you really need to bring more to the party yourself.

    The skills are out there and will be readily available and forever expanding for sure.

    However, until you have a clear business structure/hierarchy in place, it will remain static.

    Forget about the actual product, focus on the business plan, structure and get that in place first.

    If you have a good foundation and solid plan already and yes, that means some reassurance of money, healthcare and pension plans.

    You are more likely to attract that level of skill you require, irrespective of what you intend to produce.

    Personally, I think your in the best environment for this already being a student.

    If I could wind back the clock, this is exactly where I would be starting planting company roots.

    Using the student card and facilities available to look at all the modules on offer and the students studying them and get together and form a nice amalgamation.

    The advantage being, you also have the professors and tutors to 'dangle the carrot at' to employ them as consultants in their areas of expertise especially if they are coming up for retirement.

    Then there is the product, copyright, design patent, machinery standards/regulations/guidelines, CE marking and insurances to consider too should you decide to proceed into manufacturing

    Good luck in your search.

  • Thank you very much for that answer, this is the kind of message I wanted to see because I only received negative feedback but it's not a problem because answers like yours are welcome,I really appreciate the time allotted to this advice you have given. Thanks a lot!

  • keep what you are doing. if you are studying engineering, you will have fun choosing elective courses in later years. creating robot is a multidisciplinary job (mechanical, electrical, software). each of them will have challenges and opportunities.

    a good start is to get familiar with all topics (drives, kinematics, controls etc.) and look into CNC router or 3D printing. robots are more complex but contain same basic parts. so challenge includes kinematics, mechanical stiffness, fast response time, clean wiring through robot arm etc. not all designs are articulated arm, there is also Stewart platform, Scara etc. Stewart platform is interesting since all actuators are same, rigidity is great, so is precision, they are lightweight etc. I am thinking about making own version.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

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