Seiko/Epson SCARA Hobby Project (Looking for Information)

  • Hi All,

    I have been interested in industrial robots for a number of years now and happened across an old Seiko TT8800 SCARA robot (ca. 1999) at an awesome price. It is fairly large and seems to be in great condition.

    The robot did not come with a controller so I will be hooking it up to 3rd party servo drives and an AB PLC to do the kinematic transformations (feature is built into AB PLCs). The biggest challenges I see are going to be interfacing to the servo motors and encoders (I do not know yet what the feedback type is), figuring out the link lengths (a manual would be ideal here or I can disassemble and probe on my CNC), and figuring out wiring schematics. I do industrial controls with a focus on motion control for work, so I don't feel totally out of my league here.

    I bought it fully expecting to just figure it out as I go (that sounds like a ton of fun to me), but I wanted to ask if anyone has any experience with these robots. I have contacted Seiko Instruments and Epson to try to get manuals but haven't gotten a response yet. Seiko sold their robotics business to Epson in 2001.

    I don't have a purpose for it at this time, however down the road I could turn it into a large format 3D printer or a tool changer on my milling machine. I mostly wanted a fun project and it was pretty cheap.

    Thanks in advance for any help or information!

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  • Well I figured it would take me months to get all the information I needed to run this thing and I am nearly there after one week!

    Missing a few motor parameters that I am trying to get from Yaskawa and I should be in business to get the motors added to Studio 5000 and running on my drives.

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