Has any way to fix the vision problem?

  • After I did that all.I do not completely fix it at all. What I want to do is to pick up the parts which are lied down, so what should I do next?

  • That's never going to work as is.

    You either have to create contrast between the part and background (change the background color or the part color), or change to a 3D depth camera. There's no magic wand to find white parts on a white background.

    Extremely oblique lighting might work, but you would have to deal with the changing shadow patterns as the parts rotated.

    Another approach would be to light the parts from underneath. Replace that background with a diffuse light panel. That would create contrast that would make the parts look like black shadows against the bright background.

  • Looking at the picture I see the camera is not right above your FOV. That makes the fisheye effect even worse. For setup purposes , I would just put one of those cylinder in the middle of your FOV and move the camera until you see a black circle. That will be my first thing.

    Retired but still helping

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