Mismatch between parameters and cubic-s

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  • Yes, there is now a new version of KROSET deployed which includes a CS Configurator option to assist in testing/simulating a Cubic S environment.

    There are several caveats/restrictions in how it is used, based on the supporting documentation provided with KROSET, so it's not a 100% solution.

    Works very well from a testing/simulation perspective and does exactly what the documentation states, but if you know Cubic S thoroughly enough, you can get more out of it than is officially documented.

    There's still some work to go with it, but its a definitive step forward by Kawasaki and fingers crossed they keep developing this further with further enhancements.

  • The main drawback is that you cannot have a KROSET project where the Controller has Cubic S option enabled or load in a complete robot backup with Cubic S enabled and have it working.

    You always have to use a base project where the controller configuration is not Cubic S enabled.

    The CS Configurator configuration is then loaded as an actual Cubic S module, so the manual and usability is based on:

    - Having a Cubic S backup of the real world robot Cubic S (this then becomes the Cubic S Unit in KROSET).

    - You then set various internal signals in the CS configuration.

    - You then use the AS of your controller to activate the various zones etc to simulate the environment.

    Simplistically, it works, like that.

    However, not ALL functions in Cubic S can be tested/made available to the KROSET project, therefore this is it's main restriction.

    But like I mentioned if you 'know' Cubic S really well, then there are some good workarounds you can apply to effectively use the option to create/develop the Cubic S part of a project offline prior to installing it into the real world robot.

    The fact you can do this, tells me that Kawasaki are at least putting the fundamentals in place prior to developing it further, so I'm looking forward to the next release.........But they do require feedback from users, so get it, install it and try it out when you get the opportunity.

  • Oh I definitely will. I have one robot with Cubic-s and have never needed to do anything with it after the OEM installed it. As a risk mitigation move my company sent me to Kawasaki for the Cubic-S training this past spring. I'm hoping to get some more practice in this way for in the event there is an issue I'll be a little more comfortable with the software. Right now I'm fighting on trying to update my K-Roset from v1.81 to v1.84 with little luck. the update file I received from the Kawasaki download center doesn't have a set up application in it, and none of the literature I've found explains how to use the file I did receive. I'm swapping emails with Kawasaki now about this.

  • From what I know about KROSET updating, unless it's additional models, then it's always uninstall the previous version and install the new version of KROSET.

    That's how it has been since version 1.6 and the same with this version too.

    The MyKhilibraries folder is never deleted when uninstalling KROSET, therefore ALL previous projects are never lost and the new installed version then points to this folder, meaning you still can use/access/modify previous projects.

    When updating, I always copy MyKhilibraries folder anyway (just in case) and have never experienced loss of project data before, I do think though any projects made with versions prior to 1.81 are not guaranteed to work.....but again, I have never found this to be the case yet.

    The unzipped folder (I think is >1.8Gb) should contain the following files and you uninstall the previous version using the windows standard uninstall programs feature, then just setup.exe in the folder below to install the new version.

  • That would be my problem then. The zipped file has all the correct files shown in your screen grab. Somehow when I'm extracting it its deleting most of the files. Once its extracted it only has like one or two of the .ini files.

  • Sergio Falcon

    Cubic-S is a paid for option on a live controller and requires the hardware to operate.

    As it is a safety hardware device, it cannot be directly used in a simulation environment for all functionality available.

    However Kawasaki has released a plugin within K-Roset which is a software version which allows for simple IO configurations relating to safety zones and other limited functions.

    This plugin is available for K-Roset Version 1.8.4 and above in order for it to be available as an added device and you must have a valid license (not available in Lite mode).

    CS Configurator is built into K-Roset so it can then be used to setup various Cubic-S functions (limited) to create/modify and build a project by using a CS configurator generated file from a live robot to work in parallel with the K-Roset controllers.

    It operates in the exact way as described in the manual.

    Those already experienced using Cubic-S will know various methods already to maximize their use and experience of this plugin to the fullest.

    However, when it comes to the live controller, as it is a safety device, you should really get on a training course so that you benefit from the complete package and various options that are available.

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