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    Got called over to one of our IRC5 M2004 laser weld cells this morning. The Tech had performed a warm start and now the pendant goes through its initial boot up and then just shows a loading screen and says "Connecting to Controller". Looking at the Computer Unit in the controller I've noticed the Main Computer Status LED is staying Solid Red. Reading the troubleshooting manual it indicates a faulty disk. Are there any extra troubleshooting steps I can take to verify this and what would be the best way to remediate this issue? ABB has been called but this cell is a critical piece of equipment and needs to get up and running asap.

    Look at the Decompose, Trans, and Point commands in AS Language, that's where I'd start. I'm pretty sure Kawasaki has a vision and synchronous conveyor software add on so that might have some more bells and whistles added to it. Reach out to your Kawasaki Rep and see if they can pass on the associated literature.

    I am not familiar with Motoman robots so forgive me if this is a Rube question. I'm being asked by a outside integrator for a copy of my cells CMOS backup. Is a Dx100 style controller capable of generating this type of backup? My coworker who normally handles the motorman robots is out this week, and had previously stated that he provided all relevant backups already to the integrator but the integrator is insisting he needs a CMOS backup. My Coworker seems to be under the impression that this integrator may be trying to dump the backups from our DX100 controller into a non-DX100 controller hence the disparity in file type the integrator is encountering. Does this make sense or is my coworker mistaken and simply didn't provide the correct backup or doesn't know how to generate a CMOS backup?

    End user guys,

    What process does you company utilize to verify the implementation of a DCS system during integration or after a modification to an existing DCS system? Obviously this is something that HSE should spear head but what over all is your process?

    Machine Integrators,

    Same question as above and also feel free to give any examples you seen while out in industry at customers sites.

    I'm looking at ways to improve the cycle times for one of my lines and I was curious if anyone had experience with the Kawasaki proprietary vision systems (K-VFinder/K-VStereo)? How is it to set up and support? I'm sure it can be used for simple part/shape identification? Right now the robot does a 300 mm/s -800 draw through two mechanical limit switches that are used to check the presence of casted battery terminal posts. I'm pretty sure we could cut that time in half with a vision camera verifying the posts are present. If anyone has had experience with the Kawasaki systems I'd love to hear your critiques. I'll also be looking at Keyence and Cognex as well.

    How does everyone handle remotely supporting their FANUC equipment. Right now I can remote in to the PLC and HMI's of our lines to aid my skilled tradesmen in troubleshooting, but I am at their mercy when it comes to troubleshooting/interpreting what the teach pendant is telling them. Fortunately/unfortunately our Fanuc lines just flat out run, so my techs don't get a lot of experience with the TP. We have sent them out for training in the past, and I regularly provide quick lessons but they struggle with the "If you don't use it, you loose it aspect" of the knowledge/lessons they are shown. Is there a way to remotely view what the TP is displaying at one time? Is that the purpose of ipendant?

    That would be my problem then. The zipped file has all the correct files shown in your screen grab. Somehow when I'm extracting it its deleting most of the files. Once its extracted it only has like one or two of the .ini files.

    Oh I definitely will. I have one robot with Cubic-s and have never needed to do anything with it after the OEM installed it. As a risk mitigation move my company sent me to Kawasaki for the Cubic-S training this past spring. I'm hoping to get some more practice in this way for in the event there is an issue I'll be a little more comfortable with the software. Right now I'm fighting on trying to update my K-Roset from v1.81 to v1.84 with little luck. the update file I received from the Kawasaki download center doesn't have a set up application in it, and none of the literature I've found explains how to use the file I did receive. I'm swapping emails with Kawasaki now about this.