Mismatch between parameters and cubic-s

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  • Sure I send you the backup.

    When I close the gun j7 not displaying close to 0, that’s why I think I need to re-zeroing the gun again

  • Good.

    - Make sure new tips are fitted.

    - Close Gun.

    - Turn off motor power.

    - Go to Aux 0501.

    - Set Joint Number to 7 and 0 Degrees and enter values.

    - Return to Axis data monitoring, this should display 0.000 and should be zero'd now.

  • Yes it display 0 now! Thanks a lot for the help

  • That is good news............:top:

    Please check:

    - Tool TCP is correct when manually moving - ie does it appear to rotate around tip of gun.

    - Any prohibited/allowed areas set in Cubic S are triggered when you move Tool into areas.

    - Existing locations etc.

    - Maybe warm up program just opening/closing gun for 30 mins and check for zeroing deviation.

    Then make new backup after checks complete.

    I would consider asking KRI for Cubic S Training, so you can easily maintain/troubleshoot for future.

  • No problem, it may seem very long process, but you are dealing with 'Kawasaki Safety Module' which has many versions and incorrect advice from me could result in permanent emergency stop conditions until resolved.

    So I need lots of information, thank you for your patience........:top:

    But simply your problem:

    - Because a backup was reloaded and Controller was mis-matched with Cubic S.

    - So all is needed is to use CS Configurator to update Cubic S Module with replacement data to match.


    Your version of Cubic S and Controller should have the USB writing option enabled.

    This would allow to connect USB port of Controller to USB port of Cubic S.

    This feature allows to update Cubic S Module without CS Configurator knowledge and is easier process.

    Please ask KRI about enabling this option and demonstrating function.

  • A couple side bar questions, all related to Cubic-S. The usb port your referring to would be the one under the accessory port? I'm guessing this is why we are supposed to have the cubic-s module connected to the 1VA board via a usb-c cable? Is there any harm in not having the Cubic-S module connected to the 1VA board via the usb cable?

    Also have you attended a formal Cubic-S training before? I ask as I am attending a Cubic-S training at the end of the month, and if you have then I was curious if in your experience was there anything you wish you could have learned in the classroom that you had to learn independently in the field. Any portion to be sure I grasp fully before I leave the training?

  • The usb port your referring to would be the one under the accessory port?

    Exx Controllers (Cabinet style) do not have and external USB for the Cubic S as they use Version 1.0.

    - So clients would connect directly to Cubic S via the Cubic S Module USB port.

    E0x Controllers have a USB port B (located underneath the Yellow Button).

    - This is internally connected to the Cubic S Module.

    - You can connect PC to this port when using CS Configurator top setup and synchronize data.

    - You can also connect this port directly to a port on 1VA to update Cubic S using Aux 082101 (option).

    Under normal conditions Cubic S does not require any USB connection as communication occurs internally between the 1TB (X505) and Cubic S Module.

    So yes, you can remove the USB cable.....but remember to plug it in if you ever rewrite Cubic S.

    I have formal training and, train others (although I do need to find out if anything new has arrived).

    All applications are different and it depends what 'the schedule is' for the training you're going on.

    Product training is usually based on features, functionality and how to use it.

    Once you are armed with the 'tools' from the training, then the real training comes when you integrate it into a given scenario, so no product training can replace real scenarios.

    If you're also going to pass this training onto others.

    I recommend making a simulator box like I have below.

    This allows to demonstrate dual inputs and outputs etc.

    The main thing to grasp, from the training is:

    Cubic S runs parallel to the Controller just by using the DH parameters (model) and encoder data.

    Cubic S is the policeman of the what is configured in CS Configurator.

    Ask about the maintenance, replacement and troubleshooting.

    What I would ask them is:

    When are they going to put CS Configurator back into KROSET?

  • If they say CS Configurator was never in KROSET, show them the following screenshot which was taken from KROSET Instruction Manual prior to them releasing Cubic S.

    This would be the most significant improvement Kawasaki would make by placing CS Configurator Application into KROSET.

    You will know what I mean when you go on the training.....but you will enjoy it for sure.....:top:

  • Lol I'll be sure to mention this and also add this comment to my post training survey. I also have a K-Roset license so if I had the CS-Configurator built in that would help get me up to speed a lot faster. Also thanks for clarifying my previous questions.

  • I've done the Fanuc equivalent too - DCS.

    I'm Kawasaki bias, however in comparison IMHO Fanuc's offering is far better/easier to integrate on the basis that you can set it all up in Roboguide around your live cell.

    Kawasaki Cubic S users really need to come together and feedback to Kawasaki that integrating CS Configurator into KROSET should be done in their future KROSET releases and maybe they will listen.

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