Problem with KUKA VK120

  • Hi,

    My name is Gustavo. We have recently bought an old VK120, it was working until it was sold.

    It's has a VRS-1B hand console. Software version I think is 1.13.

    The robot was uninstalled by the seller, we setup all connections at our facilities. The system starts and shows the attached error. It seems is asking for calibrating axis 1 but, after enabling the system (green light on after pressing the 2 "enable" buttons), no button functions; we pressed the "hand" and then other buttons but nothing.

    We think it's a silly thing but reading the programming manual we found nothing that helped us (for sure the answer is there....). If you have any idea that could help us it would be great !!

    Sorry for disturbing, we are new in robotics and here in Mallorca few people with this knowlege or robots working around ;).

    Due to the fact that hugue information it's in german, Ich lerne Deutsch :).

    Thank you, Danke sehr !!

  • Guten Tag,

    Ich bestätige dass es ein Kuka 120 ist.

    Ich erkläre euch die schritte den ich mache wo am Ende bekomme ich den Fehler Meldung, es geht wie folgendes:

    • Ich schalte das System an
    • Das Licht „Single Step“ wird angeschaltet
    • Ich drücke die 2 Knöpfe um die Kontrollers anzumachen.
    • Es kommt wieder eine Meldung auf dem Bildschirm „ Achse 1 einstellen“, siehe Foto open.
    • Ich drücke das knöpf Enter
    • Ich bekomme eine Meldung , siehe Foto unten „ Bitte UP-NR eingeben“

    Es wäre der Wahnsinn wenn irgendjemand von euch mir damit helfen kann.

    Schöne Grüße


  • Hi again,

    Reading the VRS1 programming manual it says something that, if hand mode is not possible, it means there is a problem, check the Operating Manual. Does anybody which is this manual?

    On the other hand we are considerating taking out all the "brain" and leave the controllers (M14 and M15 with the Sinudyn power supply) and hardware (the robot itself). Has anybody done this before? If affirmative, does anybody know which "brain" (PLC or whatever) they used?

    Sorry for disturbing (it's getting desperating) and thanks for helping !!

  • First you can make the language of the software in English, it will be easier for you to advance. On the Home screen, you can make your language in English from F2-F5-F3, i.e. (480), respectively. The settings required for" SSTEP " to work may have been changed. Pay attention to the positions of the buttons in front of the Robot Controller. I'm talking about the buttons in the picture I added. Is" SSTEP " in the position where it is allowed to run? When you get this error, you need to check if there is a red light or yellow light flashing from the drivers in the robot cab. For testing, you can use the "F3 System Test" menu.. If your robot is working when you buy it, it will work now.

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