unmountable boot volume for KRC2

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  • So after I made some efforts to install new XPe on the HDD, I faced these problem. Please advise me on your solutions.

    I burned the XPe image on a dvd and I assumed it’s bootable format.

    After connected the external DVD-rom to IDE port and recognized in the bios,

    noticed I cant changed the bootable drive from HDD to DVD?

    So do you have any idea how can to boot from the DVD?

  • how exactly did you connect it? using what cable, which connector on the cable and which connector on KPC?

    optical drive should be on a separate IDE channel since they are much slower and hamper HDD performance.

    next important thing is that drive assignment is correct to avoid conflicts.

    if optical drive is alone on separate channel it need to be configured as master or only master.

    if optical drive is detected by BIOS during boot, is the HDD also still detected?

    if you just want it to run, did you try changing boot order so HDD is higher priority than CD/DVD?

    normally CD/DVD would be higher priority but it does not have to be.

    in order to boot from a drive, it need to contain bootable media. are you sure that disc you are trying to use is bootable?

    if you boot from HDD or floppy, is that optical disc readable? maybe there are scratches etc or the drives optics is misaligned so it fails to read correctly (many retries).

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  • so i'm not able to change the order of the boot drive in the bios, so every time is booting try to press F12 and select from boot drive

    but it shows " the operating system cant find ".

    i connected the optic drive to separate IDE port on the Mb .

    i have received the ISO file from KUKA and burn it in the CD-R.

    i don't know if anything wrong with type of the CD because i tried different version XP and still get the same result ?

  • Hi,

    I am just wondering

    Normally HDD is at IDE Primary Master (IDE Drive 1) Jumper set to single and DVD at IDE Secondary Master (IDE Drive 3) Jumper set to single

    As seen at Picture DVD is at Primary Master (IDE Drive 1) and HDD at Secondary Slave (IDE Drive 4)

    What are the Jumpers settings for DVD and HDD?

  • HDD slave and DVD on master .

  • why is HDD setup as a slave? this is definitely an odd ball....

    each IDE channel supports up to two devices. when ever there is only one device, it need to be configured as a master or master-only. slave shall be only used if there is already master on that channel. failure to observe this can lead to unexpected problems, perhaps even boot failure.

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  • just send picture of how the wiring is done (or how they looks like)

    There are actually a few sets of the cable (40 and 80 - 80 is preferred)

    Cable with some prongs are converted

    A lot of things which can be made wrong (Type of cable or jumper settings)

    Results unpredicable

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