System variables regarding diagnosis windows

  • The screen shows the maximum values from the parameters listed on the other diagnostic screens, so I'm not sure this exists somewhere, but only calculated.

    I have some of them, but not all, look into $FMR_GRP

    1. $REM_LIFE -> reducer

    2. $DTMX_RATE -> disturb max

    3. $DTMIN_RATE -> disturb min

    4. $OVA_RATE -> ov. heat

    and the last one: $DMR_GRP.$$CLDET_CNT -> collision detection

    You have to get them, calculate the maximum and then you have it.

    But mind that the values could be different, becasuse sometimes they recalculate it somehow and then post to the screens, especially according to DIAG and DISTURB screens.

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