Expanding Memory or Faster loading times

  • I have an ABB IRB6400R S4C on a 14m track that i am useing as a cnc robot. The software i use to produce the cnc programs for the robot outputs some very large programs upwards of 100,000 lines of code. My robot has a usb emulator installed on it and at the moment i have to split the programs down manually into smaller programs of around 8,000 lines as that is all the robot can handle.

    Between each program it takes between 10-15 mins to load each program which is very time consuming. Is there anything I can get for the robot that could perhaps increase memory so I can load bigger programs of is there any I can get to decrease loading times?

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  • Let me ask you this: Does your program use only MoveL? Or is it also MoveJ and MoveC? If you are using strictly MoveL then you could upload an array of robtargets and write something like this:

    PROC Routine1()

    nPositions := Dim(MyRobtargetArray);

    FOR i FROM 1 TO nPositions DO

    MoveL MyRobtargetArray{i}, v100, z5,MyTool\Wobj:=MyWobj;



  • Assuming is bad practice so I ask you to verify there is a DSQC324 16MB External Memory Board in the computer rack and not the DSQC323 8MB.

    You may be able to free up some memory if there are unused files in the RAM Disk.

    If the system still has modules left over from when it was previously used for other tasks, you can reload the software but not load unused ProcessWare and options.

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