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    Yes the old battery measured 10.8v also, I will double check polarity when I am back down at the robot.

    I do have other robots I could swap the battery with to test, I will also try this.

    If the error still occurs after checking these, would that point to a faulty SMB in the robot?

    I measured the voltage at the battery itself when it was unplugged using a multimeter probing inside of the connector.

    Robot battery is 3HAC16831-1

    Controller batteries are 3HAB2038-1

    I cant remember the exact valves however they were very close to the specified 3.6v on the controller batteries and 10.8v for robot battery.

    Not sure if they are wired to the correct polarity as they came with connectors already on them, where could I find out what the correct polarity is?

    I have a 6400 here with s4c controller and every time the power goes out I get the attached message saying "Battery backup on serial measurement board 1 on measurement system 1 lost since last power down or restart". I then have to go through and update rev counters.

    I have checked both batteries (robot & controller) and they were fine however I replaced them anyway just to be sure and it still brings up message every time. Any Idea what would be causing this?

    Also not sure if it is related, nearly every time it powers up it blows the breaker in the shed at first however if I flick the breaker on again it stays on and runs fine until there is another power out. I put this down to the wrong type of breaker being installed.

    We normally wouldn't have very many power outs, however we have been getting a lot of bad storms lately and power outs are becoming more frequent.

    We have purchased a new welding robot setup, it consists of an irb 2400L with s4c+ controller. It has a torch cleaning station and a bullseye with it.

    I have a good deal of experience working with these robots, however I have never used a bullseye before and am struggling to set it up. The company we bought it from said the bullseye was already setup however I cant see any menus or routines to do with it within the robot system.

    I have tried to follow through the manual to set it up. The manual I have been using is for BullsEye 7.0. I have run through the software installation process and got to software setup and this is where I get my first problem. Below is the extract from the manual, It tells me to select view, Modules and then highlight BULLSEYE which I done however there is no SetupBullsEye routine appearing for me. so this is where I get stuck.

    Software Setup:

    Prepare the robot, the torch and BullsEye® for use. With the Program Window visible on the

    Teach Pendant, select the VIEW Menu Key, select “Modules”, highlight BULLSEYE and press

    ENTER. Now highlight the routine “SetupBullsEye” and press ENTER. Press the TEST

    Function Key. With the robot ready to operate and the enabling devise activated, you may

    begin the program by pressing the START Function Key.

    I have tried contacting the company we bought it from however they said they don't know what is going on and suggested I restored the original backup they sent with the robot and try again. I done this with no difference.

    Anyone any ideas to what is going on, am I not doing something correctly or have I missed something?

    Again I have never used bullseye before so I am only going off what the manual is telling me.

    I have an IRB 6400R 2.8-200Kg S4c robot setup here, It has been stored up for a long time and the batteries in the controller have died meaning I need to reinstall the software.

    I have got new batteries and fired up the robot and it has asked me to insert the disks as required, I follow through installing all disks then it gives me 3 options I select Query, select the language and then it asks for what type of DC link I have, I select DC4. It then asks me what type of robot, However it only displays 2.5 options and mine is 2.8

    Have i missed something or how do I get the correct type?

    I have tried jostling all exterior cables to try induce a restart to no avail. I will try some of the interior parts to check them.

    I have measured the ac voltage on the 24vdc output and I am getting around 1v as soon as i connect the meter, however this steadily but slowly drops down below 0.15v.

    It happens both when the robot is moving and when sitting stationary with motors off.

    The power outlet for this robot was only installed last week and there is another smaller IRB2400L beside it on a different Isolator that is not doing this.

    The factory also has multiple manual welding machines running constant.

    The robot appears to be warm restarting, do you think this could still be power related?

    I have a an irb6400 here that's to be used as part of a welding setup. I had this exact robot setup down at our factory and it worked fine with no problems. I have now moved the robot down to our customers site and am in the process of programming it. However it is randomly restarting Its done it 6 times today alone.

    Anyone any idea what would be causing this?

    Thanks for your help, I went through and tested the wiring and it was ok and I was getting 24v down at the connector, so I switched the fans out with anther robot I had and they work fine now so must be the fans at fault.

    Not sure why they work when I bench test them, must be a current draw issue

    Thanks for your reply, yes it is s4c. I opened the controller while it was running and could see the fans are not running, I have followed your manual and removed the fans and tested them with 24v. they work fine so I am guessing what ever starts the fans or else the wiring is at fault.

    Do you know is there a wiring diagram for the fan system or do you know what triggers the fans to turn on?

    I have been running my irb6400 robot in automatic mode, when I came back to it I found an error had been thrown up. The error read as follows

    Error 39209

    High temperature alarm in

    Drive Unit, joint: irb_4.


    does anyone know what would cause this to happen. the robot was only running for around 20 mins when it happened.

    I should add, the robot already has an I/O board. I want to add another. The robot is already pre wired for another board with a connector with the some of the jumpers already removed. I have the new board plugged in and the lights are green.

    I have a manual and looked through it but cant find anything on it. Is there another manual that's shows you how to configure an I/O board ?

    I need to expand my I/O on my welding robot as the welder has used up all of the outputs currently in it. Has anyone a guide or a manual on how this is done, I know I have to possibly reconfigure Jumpers on the cable and I will need to write a new EIO file. However I do not know the exact details. Can anyone please help?

    We have a current welding setup that was done by another company that we bought as a complete already integrated setup. It consists of an IRB 2400L s4c and a Fronius TPS 320i. However it seems to be controlled via I/O both antilog and digital. This may be the case as the s4c doesn't have the same Ethernet connect abilities as s4c+. See attached image of interface system.

    The new setup we need is a 500 amp welding machine, it will be connected to an IRB2400L also, however I have not yet bought the robot so I could get it in either s4c or s4c+.

    I would get the company we used previous to do it only they are messing me about and not responding. So I would like to do it myself to save the hassle. However I would like to know what is involved, it might be a question I need to pass on to Fronius.

    Each row contains two parts, a left and a right part. The two parts are 1 kit so it will always be stacking them in pairs so I am only counting the rows/kits.

    The user enters the amount of kits they want to stack and also can enter the amount of kits already on the pallet. This way if for some reason the robot is stopped it can be started again with a part pallet.

    This is why I wanted to use the ODD/EVEN numbers as it can start with any number of kits on the pallet.

    I will play around with what you have suggested and try get it working

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