Boot failed for module: Histogram; Kuka Office Lite; Ethernet KRL

  • Hello Forum,

    i wanted to use Kuka EthernetKRL in KukaOffice Lite but i am getting an error i cant solve by myself.

    when i load my Office Lite Project (KR C4, KSS 8.6.1) everything works fine but then i try to install EthernetKRL (V3.1.0) with the EthernetKRL.kop file and when the controller restarts the message "Boot failed for module: Histogram" shows up and robot movement and programs are disabled.

    i cant find any solution to this.

    it happens when i install Ethernet KRL on my clean project. It doenst matter if i install it from WorkVisual or directly from USB-Stick. It is always the same result.

    EDIT: the installation as itself is successfull. EthernetKRL is listed under installed modules, but after its installed there is always that boot problem.

    Help would be appreciated.

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  • That is an internal kernel fault. You need to get in touch if KUKA whether the problem is already known and maybe fixed in a later KSS version. Nothing you can do yourself to prevent this. And please attach a KRCDiag to your information for KUKA generated whem the message is on.


    • Helpful

    Hi Julian122,

    there is actually something you can do

    in the file C:\KRC\ROBOTER\Config\System\OfficeLite\Modules.xml

    just delete the line

    <Module isActive="true" Name="Histogram.o" DisplayName="Histogram" Config="Histogram.xml" Prio="192" Stacksize="65536" Affinity="0"/>

    after that normal boot is possible without causing problems

    (this only allowed for OfficeLite)

    It worked for me the whole last year.



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