Learning KUKA.Sim Layout from www.kukasim.com

  • Hello together,

    have attached a few additional hints from me how to learn KUKA.Sim Layout after installing KUKA.Sim and the component library :

    1. Press F1 help for a English user manual

    2. Under the Windows Start button / Programs / KUKA.Sim 2.1 / KUKA.Sim 2.1 tutorials in english are available

    3. In the eCat under local components/demo layouts good examples of various applications such as palletizing,
    handling, robots on injection molding machines are available

    4. In eCat also tutorials on KUKA.Sim are available --

    Please check regularly (1x per quarter), if there is a new component library in the download area by KUKA,
    there are the latest robot models ! Just install it over the previous version !

    There is a link:


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  • the page showing following mesg. :help:

    We are sorry, but the requested Page was not found.
    The error has been logged and will be resolved by our technical staff. If you have further information that you feel would help us in the solution or if you would like to be contacted when this error has been resolved, please contact us using the form below.

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