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    I am using USERTECH with KSS 8.3.20 and im trying to replicate a standard motion command, but adding some folds.

    One issue that i am running into is from creating the LDAT and FDAT (Im pretty sure)

    The issue that i have is once i accept the command, the message bar says "DefaultParamsNotFound" but it does manage to write them

    I have attached the kfd as a text file because i cannot upload a kfd, nor can i paste the code as it is too long.

    Has anyone here created a plugin for the krc4?

    I have created them in the past for the krc2, and i know that it required .net2.0 for the compilation target.

    It seems that the krc4 still needs 2.0 as the target, but im confused because it is using WPF with viewmodels and if i remember correctly that wasnt until 3 or 3.5, so im having issues getting my project to compile correctly.

    Does anyone have experience with setting up custom templates for commands in sim pro? I see that there is several different files that are modified for the command template, but i need to figure out how to register them into the software

    I'm going to take a second here and point out that I for one am not going to delete a post simply because skyefire replied that you didn't give any information on your equipment, firmware, etc but expected us to stop what he's doing and pick an answer out of thin air. I don't Always agree with him but I will say that he for years has been here dedicatedly to help others. If you don't agree, why don't you try he largest programming forum stack overflow with a question containing the same amount of info and I'll guarantee that they will flame you and then they delete your account. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm just stating that you try looking at it from our point of view

    You are selecting a line and trying to run it without attaining your just need to execute a ptp motion first.

    PTP $POS_ACT or
    PTP $AXIS_ACT will resolve this for you.

    Im going through and trying to find items that are in the folder that are getting installed from the KOP. All of the packages i have dont have anything for them. if i had some items from there then it would better explain to me how some of the new tools are introduced into workvisual instead of having to go through all of the source code for it.

    does anyone have anything listed under

    C:\ProgramData\KUKA Roboter GmbH\WorkVisual\3.0\OptionPackages

    in each package there is a folder listed as workvisual..

    Most of your folders would be empty.. if its not, can you tell me what you do have in there?

    Im working on a side project and curious..

    For converting ascii to int

    EEK.. Do not do that.. If you select change for any reason while in the editor it will overwrite your code.

    xHome1 is just a position

    $AXIS_HOME[1] is constantly monitored though..

    If you are just looking to monitor home, you can use


    Has anyone used any of the old KUKATech packages that GM used long ago? there was a configuration tool in the install that would allow you to select different options and it would redeclare items in iosys, and it could also redeclare signals in the config.dat file..

    im working on something similar to it right now and the references are there but no examples of anything..

    As for "what I did today".... I'm not allowed to talk about it. :bawling:

    I suppose I can say that I've been doing a lot of external axes experimentation on KRC4s, and trying to rebuild several KRC2 systems whose special software options are so old no one remembers how they work anymore.

    If you would spend less time on the internet, then i wouldnt have to spend so much time fixing your stuff when i get back :hammer1:

    Did you realise that you can create a maximum of 8 different work envelopes?

    Use $AXWORKSPACE[the envelope number].MODE= within the program.
    #OFF Workspace monitoring is deactivated, #INSIDE The defined output is set if the TCP is located inside the workspace, #OUTSIDE The defined output is set if the TCP is located outside the workspace.

    You could edit the $AXWORKSPACE variable directly, but personally I would set specific envelopes and call them when needed.


    The workspace is very useful when setup correctly. I am curious as to why it is that you would what to change the values of the workspace when it is generally fixed for a reason.

    you have 2 different types of workspace

    $AxWorkspace[] ; Axis Specific
    $Workspace[]; Linear values

    They are pretty easy to setup either way and you have a number of different options for setting them up as well.