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    Hi Collegues,
    I heared about following new features from KUKA Robotics:

    Compatibility with Win XP 32 Bit, Win 7 32Bit / 64Bit Windows for KUKA.Sim Layout 2.2
    and KUKA.Sim Pro 2.2 in connection with KUKA.OfficeLite V8.2 (KUKA.OfficeLite V5.x /
    V7.x runs only under Win XP 32Bit)

    KRC 4 (System software V8.2) and KRC 2 (System software V5.x / V7.x) can be simulated
    with KUKA.Sim Pro 2.2 in connection with KUKA.OfficeLite V8.2/ V5.x/ V7.x(only Pro)

    New licensing system supports single-machine and server licenses (inclusive license
    check-out for usage without network connection for KUKA.Sim Layout 2.2, KUKA.Sim Pro
    2.2 and OfficeLite V8.2)

    Direct CAD import (CoreTechnology ®), optionally available separately for KUKA.Sim Pro
    2.2: STEP, Catia v4, Catia v5, Solidworks, ProE, Siemens NX, JT, Parasolid, IGES,
    ACIS, IDEAS (only Pro)

    Animated 3D Adobe PDF export as a substitute for the KUKA.Sim Viewer, New eCatalog,
    improved search capabilities

    Large CAD model support (3 x better memory footprint), Faster rendering using improved
    rendering acceleration (2-4 x improvement)

    Topology information for snapping and picking geometry features, Preliminary support for
    NURBS surface tessellation

    Faster collision checking incl. distance control, Component locking support; Unit support
    for 3D world settings

    RRS2 enhancements (additional vrc_connect and vrc_disconnect option, IO handle state
    handling)(only Pro)

    Support of external TCP functionality (RSL-KRL)

    Quick access to “Interact” with components from main toolbar

    API supports Python 2.5(only Pro)

    Hello together,

    have attached a few additional hints from me how to learn KUKA.Sim Layout after installing KUKA.Sim and the component library :

    1. Press F1 help for a English user manual

    2. Under the Windows Start button / Programs / KUKA.Sim 2.1 / KUKA.Sim 2.1 tutorials in english are available

    3. In the eCat under local components/demo layouts good examples of various applications such as palletizing,
    handling, robots on injection molding machines are available

    4. In eCat also tutorials on KUKA.Sim are available --

    Please check regularly (1x per quarter), if there is a new component library in the download area by KUKA,
    there are the latest robot models ! Just install it over the previous version !

    There is a link:…vents/downloads/software/


    you find attached a summary of the improvements in KUKA.Sim 2.1, if you think about an update:

    - A bigger component library (new robots, linear, Posiflex positioners, conveyors, grippers, dress packages, tutorials)
    - 3D dimensions and labels
    - Assign units (Metric and Imperial)
    - New filters to select a component
    - Faster opening of a layout when several identical components in the layout
    - Display shadows
    - advanced Python programming for RSL Statements (Teach – Tab)
    - Support for Windows Vista

    You find a complete list about all the improvements at: