Determen what WoV version that´s been used for a project

  • Hi!

    KRC V8.2.16.

    I´ve got a backup sent to me that includes a couple of WoV project files (full backup including log files).

    When I try to open them in WorkVisual 5.0.9 I get a upgrade message stating that it´s created in a older version.

    In the project browser on the pendant it don´t say what version of WoV that has been used (only says "No description Exist", sorry free hand translation from Swedish from pictures).

    Is there any way to see it in the backup?

    Best Regards

  • for KSS8.2 I always use WoV 2.4.6

    you can find out what version was used to deploy project by reading file


    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • Hi Panic Mode,

    Thank you for your response but that was a dead end as well :(

  • If I recall correctly, this WorkVisual unknown stamp was generated by WoV 2.4.x series.

    Older WoV generations have some problems stamping their own versions on xml files.

    I remember WoV 2.2.2 #150 puts a slightly different number on KRC_IO.xml header.

  • edda

    I've fired up an old virtual machine with WoV 2.4.1 #055 and this is it.

    I've also opened some old projects that I'm sure were made with WoV 2.4.x, and the results are the same.

    WoV 2.4.x really put this "unknown" on the xml files generated by it.

    So, as panic mode said, pick WoV 2.4.6 (the last one of this generation, I think), and You are good to go.

    But, only an observation: Unless someone explicit write the version on the project information section of a WorkVisual project, the version will not appear on SmartPad.

  • Thank your Massula and Panic Mode for the answers :)

    What is the best way to do this:

    Out project scoop is to redo most of the software in the robot due to rebuild of the cell.

    I can probably get the WoV 2.4.6 from KUKA.

    Or should I just use 5.0.9 that I use for new projects?

    Best Regards

  • Theoretically, WoW 5.0.9 can handle older robot projects, but if You have options or custom software on this robot, the best course would be use WoV 2.4.6. If You can't get it from KUKA, I think I have it here (somewhere).

  • So I got my hands on WoV 2.4.6 and it seems to be the right one :)

    But now to a new problem..

    I'm only use to WoV 5 (and some 4) and to work with the repository under "Programming and diagnosis" section.

    But I can´t fint it in WoV 2.4.6...

    What is the workflow when dealing whit this old version? And don´t want to download the complete project for each program change?

    Thank you in advance

  • Unfortunatelly, the WorkOnline function was available from WoV 4.0.x and above. But, to use this feature, Your KSS also need to be 8.3.14 or above. So, even with WoV 5.x, I'm not sure You can use this on an controller running KSS 8.2.x

    You can make Your programs within Wov 2.4.6, but to transfer them to the robot without deploying the complete project, You need to export the programs from WoV, and transfer them to controller using the network or an usb stick.

  • Yesp. I know how it feels :)

    Regarding FTP acess, as far I know, not.

    But You can change robot's D: drive sharing options, and map it on Your computer.

    So You can export the programs from WoV (right click on the program and select export) to this new mapped drive, and after this, You will need to copy the programs from robot D: drive to R1/Programs folder.

    You can do this using the KUKA Remote Pendant Software, or the SmartPad itself.

    Not so easy as in newer versions, but doable.

  • Note: You do not copy files into the C: drive of the robot. Well, you can try,but it will either fail, corrupt something, or get overwritten by the robot.

    The reason is that the robot runs from a RAM drive, which is copied from the hard drive during boot (one reason the boot process takes so long). After that, the RAM drive contents are periodically copied to the hard drive, exactly to protect against anyone tampering with the hard drive.

    On the pendant, the /R1 directory tree that is always at the top is the RAM drive. So, when you copy files across the network to your shared directory on D:, you need to go to the pendant, and use the copy&paste functions to copy those files to the /R1 directory tree, not to the C: drive. When you past a KRL file into the /R1 tree (usually into the Programs directory, but there also $CONFIG.DAT and SPS.SUB in the System directory), KSS will automatically perform a compile&link pass immediately -- this will reveal any syntax or linking errors. And the hard drive copy of the RAM drive will be immediately updated.

    TLDR: never copy files into the C: drive, only into the /R1 directory tree on the pendant.

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