kuka 1FK6100 servomotor pinout

  • The KUKA servo motors are re-labelled Siemens servos -- in fact the 1FK number on each motor is the Siemens part number. The KUKA part number is the one labelled Article Number.

    So, any Siemens documentation for the servo that provides the pinout should be accurate.

  • Ok for the pinout but if i want all technical data of motor

    for example number of poles/frequency/inertia/back emf

    where can i find kuka servomotors datasheets?

    Siemens manuals/datasheets have similar models but no models especially

    produced for kuka robots.

    For example if i search in google siemens 1FK6100-8AF91-1ZZ9-Z S09

    i did not find something.

  • well.... you can ask for info anywhere you like, Home Depot, Walmart, Microsoft, Starbucks... ;)

    but seriously, was it really needed to ask that question? it sends certain message to everyone... and you may not want that.

    so... what do you think where would be the best place to looks for info on Kuka or Siemens products?

    and did you read READ FIRST?

    Obviously Kuka specific info can be obtained from Kuka.

    Solution: either call KUKA or try registering and using KUKA Knowledge portal as mentioned in READ FIRST.

    Siemens specific info can be obtained from Siemens.

    Solution: Either call Siemens or use their knowledge portal.or forum.

    Note, all companies have one interest and that is to sell you something It is not in their interest to just have everything on a silver platter so unless you are spending a lot of money, you may have to hang on the phone for a while, exchange bunch of emails or do a lot of legwork yourself.

    So if you are interested in decoding info on Siemens motors, what would be the way to proceed?

    You get all you can from Siemens, for example servo motor catalog and see how the part number is structured.

    I have not needed to look it up in years but if i recall, it goes something like this (but don't quote me):

    * 1FK6, 1FK7 is a product family

    * next three digits are motor size. This bit alone should already give you access to info like number of poles, inertia, flange info etc.

    * then after first dash is some info about options like feedback type, brake voltage or whatever. Kuka uses resolver so knowing this, you can find everything about resolver specs too.

    * I think the next part is form factor (shaft type, paint options etc. )

    * and THEN you get to magic "-Z". for "options" (or "Zubehor", i guess).

    If i recall this is delimiter telling that what follows is custom or special. Could be special paint. Special marking. Special seal or whatever (no Teflon, no zinc, use material XYZ, powder coated, keyed shaft, etc...).

    Some of those special things may be used by Siemens and - those are listed in the Siemens catalog.

    Others are for special clients like KUKA and such details you will not find from Siemens.

    As you can see most of this is still GENERIC (does not matter if Kuka or some Siemens motor). So if you really wanted, you could have found all this by yourself.

    Btw. Just lmany companies mare products for other companies.

    For example Beckhoff makes EL6695 (vanila) and then there is a special version for Kuka (EL6695-1001). Of course that special version is only obtainable from Kuka.

    So in general, products made for OTHER companies (like KUKA) you can only buy from those OTHER companies. Siemens may have something more or less compatible but it is NOT an exact replacement. However, when it comes to info, 99% or more is generic.

    Same goes for motherboards. Same goes for motors, Same goes for cables....

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • I have found already the siemens product catalog 1FK6 i know the naming code of siemens (in the naming code are not all documented)

    But I have not found specific datasheets for kuka motors neither in siemens or kuka web sites.

    Application is to use kuka-siemens servomotors with generic servo drive and to setup this drive need all the characteristics of motor.
    Maybe this data can obtained from some kuka robots configuration files (MADA files)?

  • just so we understand each other, this place is not SIEMENS forum.

    if you have a question about KUKA products (inluding KUKA motors), and want it answered here, please use KUKA Article Number.

    When you are on SIEMENS forum or website, use SIEMENS label because it will be pointless to use KUKA article number.

    did you read READ FIRST?

    did you register and gain access to KUKA Xpert ?

    did you CALL anyone? you know... using phone... Both KUKA and Siemens have technical hotline with 800 number.

    Kuka has documents on motors. Contact KUKA or search Xpert portal.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • I have searched in kuka xpert web site for article no 69-225-463 but i can not find it.

    Last is to contact kuka with mail..

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