is receiving a big update!

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  • hope that this also resolves issue with font size defaulting or shrinking to zero when creating or editing posts...;)

    is this a issue that is actual or from the last version?

  • this was an issue with previous one. have not seen it since update.

    Not sure if anyone else was affected but for me it was a very common issue, specially when using Chrome.

    for a while i attributed it to my browser or machine but eventually found out that i got same result regardless which machine or browser i used - although IE for example was less affected it was not immune (and who used IE nowdays...). so after trying many alternatives (different computer, browser etc.) the only common factor was me or my account.

    also when pasting some text into browser text box, entire box (including text already in there) was changing font size, plus it would get sprinkled with bunch of closing tags for font or size.

    so... pleased to see it gone. :)

    i got used to typing in text editor and just pasting in forum... much easier to fix when issue strikes.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • One small annoyance I'm noticing: copy-pasting into the Quick Reply box strips all indenting when I paste code into them.

    So, if my original program code looks like:

    IF Variable THEN



    When I copy&paste it into the quick-reply window, it looks like:

    IF Variable THEN



    It's a minor thing, but I rely on indenting to make my code more readable.

    Using the "Reply" button instead of the quick-reply window has the same issue.

  • It gets weirder. I indented the DoSomething in one of my examples, but when I hit REPLY, the indenting got stripped. I just went back and edited that post to put the indenting back in, and it got stripped out again, as soon as I hit REPLY.

    That's using spaces -- I can't type tabs into the reply box.

    For the Code tagging... hm. I was pasting my code into the Replay window, then framing it with the Code tags (out in the regular threads, not here). Let me try making the Code tags first, then pasting inside them:

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