Adding a rotary table

  • I'm in the process of adding a 7th axis (rotary table) to my
    R2000iB-100P Robot with a R30iA controller. I've purchased a
    aux drive (A06B-6117-H106) and have installed it in the controller.
    I added the extended axis to group 1 through the Controlled Start Menu
    and my system now shows J7.

    I installed the extended axis with as much correct information as I can find.
    The items I need help with are the Gear Ratio and the Mastering Number.
    The motor and gearing that I'm using is from a second R2000iB-100P that
    I bought for parts. I'm using the J1 Base as my table and set it for -360 to 360,
    since the motor rotates with the table top. If anyone knows where I can
    find the correct Gear Ratio for this J1 axis I'd greatly appreciate it.
    I've tried all the manuals I have and looked online (including Fanuc) but
    so far have not found this information. Also I can't seem to find any info
    about what to enter for the mastering number for a Rotary Table so I just
    entered 0 for now. Any suggestions would help.


    Mike Kirchmeier

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  • I would argue that with a table, it is better to add it as a second group, but it depends on your application.

    Looks like the gear ratio is stored in $MRR_GRP[1].$GEAR_RATIO[1]. For the R2000iB/100P it looks like it is 0.00436508.

    Regarding the mastering number, that is set by the robot when you master your table at its zero position.

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  • I have installed the Aux Drive and cabled it.
    I have cables going from the drive to the motor supplying power, brake and pulsecoder.
    (about ten meters in length)

    I have tried both installing an Extended Drive and an Independent Drive.

    Both installations seem to identify the Axis 7 but when I turn on the robot I get the
    same error :
    Extended Axis - SRVO-068 DTERR alarm (Group 1 Axis 7)
    Independent Axis - SRVO-068 DTERR alarm (Group 2 Axis 7)

    I have checked the cable and it rings out true, I also checked 5V and 0V for less than 2 ohms (.8ohms)

    If I disconnect the pulsecoder cable I get the same error.

    Can you give me an idea of what to look for next, software setting or hardware setup ?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated,

    Mike Kirchmeier

  • I've not personally set an aux axis up but assuming you've done it correctly the SRVO-068 is a communications fault with that drive. If you use FCTN>0>8 to cycle power does this fault go away? Do you also have SRVO-062 BZAL (battery fault) on this axis? Have you established a pulse on this axis by jogging it back and forth in single axis master?

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  • Sounds like SHIFT_Lock might be onto something... An aux axis needs a separate set of batteries for the pulsecoder(s) and they are typically mounted on the controller cabinet door. Are the batteries in the base of the new axis functioning?

    The SRVO-068 DTERR alarm also mentions the pulsecoder could be faulty. Do you know if the pulsecoder worked before?

  • Thanks for getting back to me.

    I have made some progress.

    I fixed the SRVO-068 error, it was a problem with the cable.

    I then got the SRVO-062 BZAL alarm which I cleared.

    Now I have a SRVO-021 SRDY off (Group 2 Axis 1)

    I've setup this Aux Drive as both an Extended Axis which gave me Group 1 Axis 7
    Then I set it up as an Independent Axis Group 2 Axis 1.

    Do you have a recommendation as to which way to go ?

    Back to the SRVO-021 error

    The following is the info I entered manually when I setup the Independent Drive, the explanation
    given by the error code says it may be a "set content" that is wrong.

    Group Group 2

    Axis 7 (but it gets changed to 1 after I restart robot)

    1. Motor Type aiS30/3000 80A
    2. Gear Ratio .004
    3. Joint Type Rotary Axis
    4. Joint Max Speed 4500000.00 (deg/sec)
    5. Motion Sign True
    6. Upper Limit 360.000 deg
    7. Lower Limit -360.000 deg
    8. Master Position 0.000 deg
    9. Accel Time1 384
    Accel Time 2 192
    10. Minimum Accel Time 384
    11. Load Ratio 1.000
    12. Amplifier number 2
    13. Amplifier Type 2
    14. Brake Number 2
    15. Servo Off Enabled Disabled

    Let me know what you think.


    Mike Kirchmeier
    FXperts, Inc.

  • I think your gear ratio needs to be 250 instead of .004.


    I see from Nations post above where you got the gear ratio. That is actually the inverse of how it needs to be entered. So taking the inverse I get 229.091.

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  • Here's the next chapter in the ongoing Rotary Table Saga.

    I cleared the SRVO-021 error by changing back to an Extended Axis and changing the Gear Ratio to 250
    like HawkME suggested, it also changed the Max Speed to a reasonable number (72deg/sec).

    Now I'm am getting a SRVO-105 Door Open or E.Stop
    1. The Controller door is open or E.Stop signals are detected for a short time.
    2. The specification of the teach pendant is not correct compared with the controller.

    1. Close the controller door, and press RESET.
    2. Check the specification of the teach pendant is not correct compared with the controller.
    For instance, the teach pendant of the RIA/CE specification is used in the controller of
    non-RIA/CE specification, this alarm might occur. Connect the teach pendant corresponding
    to the controller.
    3. Refer to the Controller Maintenance Manual for more information.

    I checked the door and all three E.Stops and they seem fine. When I delete the Extended Axis and restart
    the controller the SRVO-105 alarm does not come on. So I'm trying to figure out what they mean by this
    specification of the teach pendant. I have an iPendant connected to my R30iA controller and it works fine
    until I add the Extended Axis. Any ideas on what to look for and where?


    Mike Kirchmeier

  • Just another quick (and possibly dumb) question is once I get past these alarms how do I access the
    Extended Axis for jogging ? So far I haven't seen any information on this. I have an iPendant.

    Mike Kirchmeier

  • The gear ratio is actually 229.091. But you can check for sure by rotating the table 360 degrees and see if it's back at the same location.

    For jogging a group 1 extended axis, there is a setup menu where you can assign it to the J7 keys. If it's group 2 then select that group first.

    For the safety, ensure all connections are good for TP, estop board, estop circuit and the amplifier. With power off unplug and reset connections if needed. Power up and press reset.

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