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    A power cycle is not necessary after setting $MASTER_ENB to 1, it takes effect immediately.

    I do have one R30iA controller that will not display the master cal option until after a power cycle. I did think it was odd because i've never had to do it before on any of our other robots.

    I've never been able to clear a SRVO-062 using this method either. You may want to try and go to MENU>SYSTEM>MASTER_CAL and hit F3 for RES_PCA and then F4 for yes. You will need to cycle power afterwards but I assume you've already lost your mastering for this axis anyways so it shouldn't matter at this point. Then you will at least be able to jog the robot as needed. Sometimes the MASTER_CAL option won't be available (should be option 3 under variables) if it isn't then open up your variables and set $MASTER_ENB to a 1 then cycle power and it'll show up.

    Do you have any other alarms active in your alarm log? Maybe a SRVO-068 DTERR? Swapping the cables as Lynx suggested is a good idea although now you will be mastering two axis instead of just one. I'd try to swap the encoder cap off of your spare robot to A3 and see if it'll clear up. If not i'd say your cable is bad.

    Hello all. I'm in quite a pickle atm and trying to get things figured out. Currently I have a Fanuc robot stuck in a over travel limit and cannot move it. The problem I'm running into is that I cannot manually move the robot since the fault is still present (MCTL-003). Does anyone know how to get the fault to clear (SRVO-402 DCS Cart. Pos. Limit) so that I can manually move it and send it back home?

    I appreciate any and all help!

    I believe all you should need to do is open MENU>ALARM Log and reset the single channel fault to clear it out and then you should be able to move the robot away from the limit. This is what I did when one of our engineers ran into this issue and it worked for us.

    Is there a reason the robot is currently in "STEP" mode? When in "STEP" mode your robot will not run in auto. And while in "teach" mode you will only execute one line at a time in the logic. Other than that i would assume if this was running fine and then just "decided to fault out" i'm not sure the lack of a Home Position is your issue. Unless someone deleted the Reference Position somehow by mistake.

    Do you have an idea of where the zero position of the 7th axis should be? If so it's easy to change and only takes a couple minutes or less. I just had to establish a new zero on our linear 7th axis due to a gear failure. Also is your 7th axis in Group 1 or Group 2?

    shift_lock were you able to figure out how to get your TP to stop going to user screen? I'm having same issue with a new Rji3b that was just installed by intergrators.

    Unfortunately not long after I made this post those two robots got moved to one of our other buildings and someone else is over them now.

    Instead of calling two separate sub programs you could use a RUN command to start the turntable. Ours is setup in G2 which there should be a few posts in the forums about how to set this up. As far as the RUN job goes though:


    2: ! G2 Spin


    4: RO[8:During spin] = OFF


    6: LBL[111]

    7: J P[1] 10% CNT100 CTV80

    8: RO[8:During spin] PULSE, 0.2sec

    9: IF RO[7 Spin stop req.] = OFF,

    JMP LBL[111]

    10: RO[8During Spin] = OFF


    12 J P[2] 50% FINE


    14: END


    At the end of our main job we flag RO[7 Spin Stop Req] to let the run job complete. Ours is setup as a milling chuck so positional data isn't of any concern. And we are setup at about 16,000deg/sec for that axis I believe which is roughly 2600RPM's.

    Quote from HawkME

    If you don't need position control, then I would set it up as a Process Axis. That gives you speed control only, but it is very simple. You don't have to teach points, you just give it the rpm you want and it goes. Perfect for spindles, conveyors, pumps, etc that need precise speed control but you don't care about stopping at an exact angular position.

    Best bet is to have a USB with nothing at all on it as it's a lot easier to do. Otherwise you need to create a folder and select it through the robots file menu. I'm going to PM you with some info on how to do this automatically using a command file that i've found on these forums.

    You can't take an image backup from the USB port on the TP it has to be plugged into the controller USB port for an image. Make sure your USB is properly formatted to FAT(32) you can do this on a PC or on the TP itself. Then plug it into the controller and follow these steps.


    F5 for Utilities and select 1. Set Device

    Select USB Disk (UD1:) which is the controller port.

    Then hit F4 [BACKUP] and select IMAGE