sending active alarms to PLC through profibus

  • Hello All,

    I am willing to send active alarms in robot to the PLC over Profi-bus protocol. ( using R-30ic controller)

    Active alarms like Tucker faults or welding faults in robot pendent wanted to show on HMI. Adding to this, tucker device is having more than 750 alarms.

    Your help is highly appreciated!

    Thank you

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  • Isn't any other option for sending alarm ???
    I am not sure about this but is it possible to receive alarm code from tucker system in one byte and just send it to plc. and later plc will display those alarm code using data block.

  • hello dewitm,

    I only need to send alarm code and not the complete string. and you said it is possible sending only code, how do we do that :help:

  • Make a program with (in my example called: COND_ERROR):



    Another program with (in my example called ERROR_OUTPUT):



    The (10) is the register where the code is written to, when you see the karel-code below, the register after the input is also used. So you will recieve the error in register 10 and 11 with my example, choose freely your own registers.

    Karel-program with:

    Perform a controlled start
    Change next variable: $TPP_MON.$GLOBAL_MT

    Restart controller with cold start [FCTN -> Cold Start]

    Make a condition monitor with ERROR_OUTPUT
    Menu > 0 > Status > Type: Condition
    System: COND_ERROR

    Register 10 = Facility Code
    Register 11 = Error Code

    Example: Facility Code: 11 stands for SRVO

    Good luck!

  • Thank you dewitm :dance2:

    I have checked these codes and its working perfect.

    Can i ask you one more thing, is it possible to seperate robot error and slave devices error?

  • Hello,

    currenly I am working on Tucker device (stud weld) and willing to pass on all the errors from tucker device to the plc.


    thank you in advance

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