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    I would highly recommend you NOT automatically abort simply because the robot is faulted, that is just throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    For example, do you really think it is a good idea to abort your program when you're stepping through in manual and you get a fault because you released the dead-man switch? Or, when the robot faults because of a program bug, do you really want the robot to go back to line zero of the program, or would you rather debug from the line of code that generated the fault?

    I prefer to use a user alarm with an adequate severity to abort the robot when needed, rather than aborting for any and all faults.

    Definienetly you are right, I have a thought on this as well and the condition for automatic will be added in the abort command.

    Regarding the process, we can't or shouldn't continue because we have a deburing application that requires that any error during the process must result in an NIO part. And this is the result, I want to abort the programme at any point and go back home, so we have dropped NIO part on the NIO conveyor belt.

    Here I am encountering an issue while creating a BG Logic program. My objective is to abort the program upon encountering an error, specifically when the condition (UO[6] Fault = ON) is met due to any issues with the robot.

    Although CSTOPI for Abort is available, I prefer to incorporate it with the fault condition. This way, the robot can initiate the recovery to its home position whenever an error occurs during the execution of any program.

    Controller details:

    Model: LR Mate 200iD/7L

    Communication protocol: PROFIBUS-DP

    Software Version: V8.20P/35

    I have attempted various methods (refer to the attached picture) to achieve this, but consistently encounter the error INTP-443 (%s^4, %d^5) - Invalid item for Mixed Logic.

    Can someone assist me in comprehending how the IF statement works without the THEN and ENDIF conditions?

    Hello Hermann,

    Sorry I would have created a new thread.

    Exactly, I'm trying to compile the file but have so many errors that it doesn't work. :confused_face:

    That's where I would need your help to fix these errors.

    As mentioned before, I am new to KAREL. I am reading documents and learning through the threads created here.

    Hello all!!

    I am just posting here without creating a new thread.

    I am new to Karel but trying to understand all the functions.

    I have created the code to send and receive the values from the controller to the PLC via a ProfiNET.

    But unfortunately it is not working.

    I would like to get some help from the experts out here.

    Hello All,

    I am going to use Laser Cladding apllication for my coming project.

    Just trying to gather the data and inputs from you all expertise people around here.

    Basically i am using Fanuc M20ID35-30P-A-CENR, Controller g R-30iB Plus Type A, Fieldbus ProfiNET with FANUC/MOLEX card (yet to finallise), DCS, ProfiNET Safety and iRProgrammer.

    What all the things must be taken into account before hand for this special application :question_mark:

    I also have developed pseudocode for my understanding.

    Any reference backup would also help me to understand the concepts.

    Thanks and Regards,


    Hello All,

    I am willing to send active alarms in robot to the PLC over Profi-bus protocol. ( using R-30ic controller)

    Active alarms like Tucker faults or welding faults in robot pendent wanted to show on HMI. Adding to this, tucker device is having more than 750 alarms.

    Your help is highly appreciated!

    Thank you

    Greetings from the day !

    i am continuously monitoring water supply to the weld gun using BGLogic TP program.
    But wanted to stop BGLogic in a Tip/Cap change (using automatic cap changer) program. because when i stop water flow for tip/cap change, then program gets paused and fault (user alarm) occurs due to BG TP program.

    is there any command to start and stop BGLogic perticular program?


    Hello Empireryan,

    KUKA provides tech-pack for auto backup or else Its possible with ethrnet connection for that you need to make a network connectivity with line-PC. if you have then just follow the below settings.

    please go through the following settings



    Benutzer=LinePCSupervisor ()
    Pfad=x: \\ (follow with robot id)

    Hope this is helpful to your requirements. :fine:

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