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    In top of Roboguide, you see File, Edit, View... etc.
    Go to Robot > Default Webbrowser
    (Or direct entry

    You will open a webpage with this, go to TP Programs available on MD:

    A table of 3 columns appears, on left TP, middel in text-format, on right description of program (if entered)

    Make a program with (in my example called: COND_ERROR):



    Another program with (in my example called ERROR_OUTPUT):



    The (10) is the register where the code is written to, when you see the karel-code below, the register after the input is also used. So you will recieve the error in register 10 and 11 with my example, choose freely your own registers.

    Karel-program with:

    Perform a controlled start
    Change next variable: $TPP_MON.$GLOBAL_MT

    Restart controller with cold start [FCTN -> Cold Start]

    Make a condition monitor with ERROR_OUTPUT
    Menu > 0 > Status > Type: Condition
    System: COND_ERROR

    Register 10 = Facility Code
    Register 11 = Error Code

    Example: Facility Code: 11 stands for SRVO

    Good luck!


    PROGRAM unsim
    KCL('unsim all', STATUS)
    END unsim

    So make a new file in Karel, copy paste this, save the program. Build the program, it will come in the programlist as unsim.pc
    Than with macro, call it with the desired DI you want.
    Need to mention, it only works when no other program is active.

    I've done this with over 20 robots and it works fine..

    'control robot moves' can mean a lot of things, do you mean:
    1. Jogging the robot
    2. Select a predefined position and move the robot to that position
    3. Use calculations based on inserted values on hmi and move to the calculated position...

    Looks useful, don't have a robot to test this right now.

    Only disadvantage I see right now is that you are not able to see which direction you are going with the offsets without looking into the PR[]'s itselves. I did indeed use the normal Offsets and the calculation was visible in the movement program. I also only need 1 taught position, but as you mentioned, it was not always perfect in reference with the user frame.
    By the way, the disadvantage is easily solved with putting comments between the movements.

    81:L PR[59:Dp1 Cv Ref Pos] max_speed CNT100 VOFFSET,VR[2] Tool_Offset,PR[32:1] ;
    82:L PR[59:Dp1 Cv Ref Pos] max_speed CNT100 VOFFSET,VR[2] Tool_Offset,PR[33:2] ;
    83:L PR[59:Dp1 Cv Ref Pos] max_speed CNT100 VOFFSET,VR[2] Tool_Offset,PR[34:3] ;
    84:L PR[59:Dp1 Cv Ref Pos] max_speed CNT100 VOFFSET,VR[2] Tool_Offset,PR[35:4] ;
    85:L PR[59:Dp1 Cv Ref Pos] max_speed CNT100 VOFFSET,VR[2] Tool_Offset,PR[36:5] ;
    86:L PR[59:Dp1 Cv Ref Pos] max_speed CNT100 VOFFSET,VR[2] Tool_Offset,PR[37:6] ;

    The :1,:2,:3 is to count the distinct moves or does this have a function?

    When you are in a TP-program you see POINT or TOUCHUP, but when press NEXT, you see [INST] or [EDCMD]

    Press [EDCMD]
    In my version you get EDCMD1 and EDCMD2 (2 lists of possible commands)

    For turning on or off colors, EDCMD2, option 2 "Color"
    For seeing comments of DIO, Registers etc.. EDCMD1, option 7 "Comment"
    For seeing the actual status of DIO in the program, EDCMD2, option 3 "IO Status"
    For disabling certain lines in the program, EDCMD1, option 9 "Remark" (this will put // before a line and the line will be ignored
    (This remark is different than the remark found under [INST], Instruction 2, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous Statements 1, Option 5, Remark, which is putting (yellow) comments in the program with !)

    First of all, what is the reason they want this? And like macru said, this causes a huge safety risk.
    Second, if the robots are interacting with axis 7 and 8 at the moment of pressing the E-stop, and axis 7 and 8 have a delay, this can cause a crash?

    Show me screenshots of the code please, because the explanation is not clear for me or the others. And show screenshots of A_program and B_program..

    I have the official Error List of FANUC right here in my hands, it says exactly what I mentioned. KAREL can also contain motion tasks.

    The error means that both programs are trying to perform motion tasks.
    That is not allowed when it is the same motion group.

    So Run is only allowed to perform calculations or for motion control of another group.

    Logbook is only a short overview of the history.
    The only change i see is of P[4], but that shouldn't cause a total program shift.

    Do you have a master position to check the tool? If the tool is bended, all positions will show an offset.
    However, I don't think this is the case because you see a shift with both robots..

    We have build a lot of cells without TP's connected.

    All we needed was a dummy connector where the emergency circuit is bridged.
    But before you disconnect the TP, all settings need to be OK (Auto, not in step mode etc. etc.). Then press emergency button on controller. disconnect the TP, put the dummy back. Release emergency button on controller in order to reset the emergency circuit.

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