Robot not jogging, needs mastering ( KR5 sixx R850 )

  • We have recently purchased a KR5 sixx R850, supposedly mastered but had lost its mastering data somehow.

    Initially a first problem was that the machine data wouldn't fit with thwe robot type.

    We updated the robot type and started to jog normally, but required mastering.

    Trying to master it visually (notches) it allows mastering the 1st axis, but subsequently it does not allow jogging anymore and we cannot master the rest of the axes.

    Since it wasn't responding we attempted a reboot (as per other forum suggestions) but still won't work.

    The images attached show:

    Image 1 is for the first msgs after cold reboot.
    Image 2 is after acknowledging the messages and switch to jogging mode.
    Image 3 is the screen while pressing the dead man button and trying to jog.

    Any help will be appreciated, many thanks

  • First, replace the encoder batteries inside the robot. They're dead and won't keep the mastering.
    Second, move all the joints to their visual mastering position, unmaster all of them, and master them all without moving. That should let you jog again and un/re-master each joint more precisely.

  • Do you have any documentation for the robot?

    From memory, it is not just a case of lining up some notches; It involves firstly entering the mames data (found on the base of the robot), then lining the robot up in the 'pre mastering' position. From here the robot is driven against some bolts/physical stops and the robot is mastered based on the motor current against these stops.

    A2 needs measuring from the floor, A4 you need to be careful how the internal wiring looks and A6 needs a special plate with a pin on it to mount to the flange.

    If you need some, I will probably be able to dig out some documentation and send you some screenshots of it.

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  • avelizreyes literally every used robot ever sold in the entire history of robotics has came with it's full library of manuals, and if somehow you misplaced them all, every single employer that has ever existed and bought robots has also purchased every single piece of relevant documentation available. It is in no way even remotely comprehensible that you don't have access to that robot's manual.

    Now for a post worth more than building those little numbers under my name..:

    What is your exact version of KR C? I may be very helpful as I may have just very recently mastered a VERY similar robot :toothy9:

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  • There is also a Battery in the Denso side of the KRC2SR. Behind a small metal plate.

    The battery pack in the Robot, the Denso Battery and the regular Kuka Lead Acid Accu's should be changed max 2 years.

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