• I think that variable is available when you have the "Ethernet/IP adapter or Scanner" option. Do you have one of those software options?
    Some controllers got frozen when there is too much data trasfer over the ethernet network... but, that happen when you use Ethernet/IP protocol for communications.

  • I sometimes experienced TP freezing due to cpu overload by some cyclic KAREL program, solved by delaying it to let the cpu breathe.

  • The behavior was weird. The teach got frozen after we enter to the cell and tried to restore it. Then we applied a cycle power and the teach still was frozen. If we disconnect the Network and make a cycle power the teach pendant worked fine, when we connect the network the teach get frozen.
    The variable $ETH_FLT is a suggestion from Fancu on R-30ib to ignore all the traffic not pointed to this controller, but this version¿?(30ia) do not have the variable! Or i dont know how to make it appear.
    Yep the robot is configured as adapter and connected into a Ethernet Network.

  • Why looking at the controller while the mistake is/could be on the other side?

    On a project my co-worker was responsible for the PLC while I was responsible for the Fanuc. After an update of the PLC-program, my controller froze. He was sending a shitload of data to the controller. After he corrected his mistake, there was no more freezing.

    Try to find out what has changed since the freezing started.

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