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    Hi !

    Could you explain the goal you reach in your management program.

    If you use PNS, then the call is made by PLC or other (so the management is there)

    If you want to use Karel, then you do not need PNS and you could manage as you want.

    I'm not sure if it resolve your problem.

    In Frame Offset Utilities (available on teach pendant or roboguide), you have two possibilities.

    1- Change the Uframe number of a program and apply the value.

    - In the Frame Offset Page: answering NO to Convert Position Data only change the UF: in the program.

    - Then , the differences between both uframe are applied.

    2- Change the Uframe Value while unchanging the robot positions.

    - In the Frame Offset Page: answering YES to Convert Position Data reclaculate the position data for each point in order to keep the robot at the positions it has

    - Then , the differences between both uframe are not applied, only Uframe values are changed.


    Hola, Las señales “FENCE” no deben estar alimentadas, pero deben tener contactos secos por pares (no todos juntos).
    El fusible probablemente fundido debe ser verde y tener un punto blanco 
    que indique que está fundido.
    Disculpe la traducción de Google....

    If your robot generation has a webpage, just open it and look under Active Program/Variable Diagnostic.

    Then choose Variable files available on MD.

    You will see two columns, one with binary files (original) and one with ASCII (text files).

    On the TP program, you could use a Register R[x] to set the speed.

    Put cursor on speed in program and sélect Choice on F-keys

    But the value will be read while starting the point, i am not sure it will be consider if you change register value while the robot moves to that target.

    Watch out !!!

    Yes Grease has standard, but Fanuc generally grease looks to be usually in the bottom for viscosity.

    15 years ago, somebody at purchasing dept decide to save $$$ and buy équivalent….

    We runout so much reducer (over a dozen), that Fanuc call us because we buy so much replacement !!!!

    Think twice before trying other !

    FTP is possible to manage programs in the controller.

    FTP must be linked to MD: device to access programs selectable on the robot.

    If you need to edit a program into the controller, you could use Remote TP and Edit program in Background Edit Mode.

    Coord Motion is good if you have to work on the same part that is moving (by positionner or other robot), then it is necessary.

    But if both robots work on static pieces and do not have other issue that being sync together, it is manageable by internal signals.

    I found this in other threads (maybe you have seen too ?)

    By reading that, i am agree that VW must provide this information in their scope of work.

    Usually, car makers already have their standards for programming.

    They define program control, how tcp and frame are defined, etc….

    As i know, Fanuc is new to VW, usually they use Kuka, but since it’s no longer a German company, they look forward.

    What kind of information / tips you’re looking for ?

    Have you teached the first point over the grid in the iRcal Menu ?

    iRVision need a start point to execute calibration routine

    Check if you calibration is good.

    Because if you solve the error by iniliazing the encoders by moving them, that means that at least one encoder was down so the initial value of the encoder is a surprise.

    By putting Master Done to TRUE, and Calibrate, you define the axis position of the encoder to a previous encoder value.

    That could cause bad mastering on this axis.

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