Were are REFP stored?

  • Hi guys!
    Im quite new to Yaskawa robots,
    Working with DX200
    I created a job with R1+S2:S2 (robot + station 2 in sync) and defined 3 reference points that are displayed like so: REFP1 ST2 , REFP2 ST2, REFP3 ST2.
    The question is where are the coordinates of these points that I defined "recorded" to? somewhere in $PX......
    I know that if I create a job using only R1 (only robot motion) the reference points are displayed without the "ST2" termination and are "recorded" to $PX0011, $PX0012 and $PX0013

  • Usually $PX stores position of the robot, $EX stores position of the external axis, and $BP stores position of the base axis. So... I would check to see if they would be stored in $EX011, $EX012 and $EX013. I've never seen documentation for this, but that would be my logical guess. I'll let you know if I find anything that confirms this.

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