am new to VW standard

  • Hi,
    I have programmed normal kuka robot but this is my first project in VW KUKA. When I saw in the progam they are using macros. Do anyone have have Robot programming standard for VW or audi :help:. or can anyone give a brief description the difference between the normal kuka programming and VW robot programming. Thank you :merci:

  • Hi, knowledgesharing.

    VKR (Volkswagen KUKA Robot) use a dialect of KRL, called VKRL. The VKRL is simpler than regular KRL and sometimes this isn't exactly an advantage.

    The programing structure is rigid, and is divided this way.

    Cell.src - The main program
    Folgen - Work programs.
    UP - routines or subprograms
    Macros - functions
    VW_User - technology packages developed by VW, where is possible write regular KRL code. Normally integrators aren't allowed to modify these files.

    I've posted a VSS manual sometime ago, here in the forum…system-integrator-manual/

    Which standard you need? The newest one is VASS. I have some documentation in german. If you want, drop me a line.

  • i need a specific vass basic standard document, if you have please send it. also if you can send me a backup file robot i would be thankful.

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