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    Can you please tell me what is the software variable for collision detection? And the variable to set the collision detection?

    Note: am not talking about turning on through teach pendent

    for eg,

    If (colldectionvariable=off then







    Thanks in advance


    I need to pack different type if variables in one. For eg,

    In KUKA = it’s called STRUCT. STRUCT variable1 int v1, bool: v2,v2, Real :v4,v5

    In comau its called=Record.

    Record variable1

    Int v1,v2

    Bool v3,v4,

    Real v5,v6,

    END Record

    1. Can you please tell me how is it called in Kawasaki robot?

    Thanks in advance.


    Currently I am taking FTP autobackup through port1(data port) and working.

    But when i connect it to port2 then its not working.

    Can anyone tell how to change the autobackup from port 1 to port2? OR in kawasaki autobackup is only from port1?


    In ABB visual safe move pro.

    We are using a software syncronisation.

    When we power off the cell and turn on the power.

    The software syncronisation is lost in safe move pro and once again we have to do software sync manually.

    How to fix it?Even after poser off and on. The software sync in safe move pro must be retained.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Is it compulsory to get VASS certificate to operate VKRC in VW Plants?

    2. Is it worth to invest money for VASS certification? I mean, We can only work with VW plants. But how many VW manufacturing plants are there?

    3. What are the advantages after getting a VASS certificate?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Can anyone please tell what or where is safe variables can be read?

    For Eg,

    Safe monitoring space 1 is active or not= Variable name? So that I can use it in program
    is safety is enabled= Variable name? So that I can use it in program

    I am sending the status to PLC through profisafe and he is reading the standard safety bytes order.

    But I need to use it in robot program.

    Thanks in advance :merci:

    Base_Data[5] ={ 1287,1070,500,6.5,15, 3.5 }
    BASE_DATA[12]={X 0.0,Y 0.0,Z 0.0,A 0.0,B 0.0,C 0.0}
    Camer pos received : {30,12,1.23, 9.5,0.55, 2.31} (camera pos is with ref to basedata5)
    pos Campos = {30,12,1.23, 9.5,0.55, 2.31}
    POS Before = {0,0,-100,0,0,0}
    POS After = {10,0,-100,0,0,0}

    I don't want to move the base. I like to move only the pick pos.

    pos Pickpos = {0,0,0,0,0,0}

    LIN Base_Data[5]:Pickpos : Beforepos;
    LIN Base_Data[5]:Pickpos ;(am I right? The rob goes pickpos from Base_Data[5]?)
    LIN Base_Data[5]:Pickpos : Afterpos;

    Pickpos = {0,0,0,0,0,0}



    KRC 4

    I am having a base_Data[5]. I am receiving a pos through Camera(3D) with orientation(a,b,c) also. The camera co-ordinate is from Base_Data[5](the camera reference point is Base_Data[5])

    Base_Data[5] ={ 1287,1070,500,6.5,15, 3.5 }
    Camer pos received : {30,12,1.23, 9.5,0.55, 2.31}
    pos Campos = {30,12,1.23, 9.5,0.55, 2.31}

    In geometric operator

    LIN Base_Data[5]:Campos will this go the correct Pickpos OR Lin campos:Base_Data[5] ??? :hmmm:

    Thanks in advance.


    I have worked with other robot and I am new to Mitsubishi robot.

    I am having two questions:
    1. Does toolboxRT3 needs a software license?
    2. Can we program the Mitsubishi without toolboxRT3?

    Thank you.

    Can you please tell me in ABB safe mov(basic). The safe signals are hardware wired.

    How to send the brake test status and monitoring space signals to PLC? Should the hardwire output from the controller must be connected to input of PLC or can we do it buy software also(eg. Through profinet)?

    In safemovePRO I did it through profinetsafe in the visual move safe configuration.

    I am not sure how to do with safe move?


    robot Type : 6700, IRC5
    Warning message: 50316: Absolute accuracy not activated

    We are getting a warning message for absolute accuracy not activated. We need absolute accuracy in the robot because we are using external camera and application also needs very good accuracy.

    We have verified the robot axis calibration parameters in the robot sticker with the pendent. It’s the same.

    And we have updated the revolution counter update.

    Can you please tell us how to activate the absolute accuracy in ABB IRC6700?

    Looking forward for your reply.

    So we can later joint it with rob target

    I mean



    I am sure with Trans but I am not sure with the rotational. is it okay for orientation?