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    I know that you can connect your native encoder to the robot, but what about the others, for example E40H10-500-3-T-24? What is needed for this and is it really possible to do this at all?


    encoders have nothing to do with what you want to accomplish. What I am talking about is this:

    1.You already have a robot and a PLC connected to each other (or not?). How is this connection implemented ? is it Ethernet IP connection? is it modbus TCP? is it profinet ? is it profibus ?

    FANUC robots have a large list of supported industrial communication protocols but -I believe- none of them comes standard. First you decide which PLC brand and model you want to use and then depending the protocol supported by your PLC, you order the additional software and hardware package to your robot.

    Sorry, really my post has nothing to do with this. Wrote the wrong topic ...

    First of all, you have to tell us which protocol you use to communicate with the PLC. If using EIP you can use explicit messaging to send the coordinates directly to the robot's PRs. This is what I am using. GROUP input/output will be very troublesome to setup for coordinates.

    I will use EIP. The connection has already been implemented and now it turned out to carry out the plan.

    thank. a good idea

    You would need to discuss that with the camera manufacturer to see what documentation they have for ethernetIP. I have seen it done both ways with other devices, but I have no experience with this device.

    I have information from the manual for the device. Could you tell me how to configure group entry / exit, what are the rules there?

    In my experience, if the camera only supports string output you would be better off using a PLC to parse the string before sending it to the robot.

    The description for the camera says that communication can be either strings or bytes. That is, the maximum packet length is 450 bytes and all the information is there, you only need to know the offset and length. Is it possible to somehow "filter out" the necessary data knowing the offset and write to the register?

    You first need to find that out. Do you have a camera selected?

    I haven’t chosen yet but got interested in the camera O2D22X. She can communicate on TCP and Ethernet/ip.

    Ethernetip and socket are two separate protocols. You would not use both, just one or the other. Socket requires Karel. Ethernetip does not require karel.

    I also know about this feature, therefore I wanted to use what is already available - Ethernetip

    Here is another point: I know that the camera transmits data continuously and I know the length of the message. According to the idea, I need to get the same length and read the coordinates depending on their displacement. Then you will need to write them to group outputs and process them in a program, right?

    For EthernetIP you just need to purchase the EthernetIP adapter option.

    This option is already installed because Kowa camera is connected in EthernetIP. I want to connect another camera, support said that I need to use Ethernet/IP. Let's say I’ll configure it, but how do I transmit the coordinates? I understand that you can’t do without a Karel or socket?


    I’m just starting to work with the funuk technique.

    I am interested in whether I can transfer the coordinates to the robot (write to registers) Ethernet/IP without additional modules, or do I need Karel anyway?


    What port are you using to connect?

    How is Ethernet connection setup made?


    As far as I understand the above, to work with Karel , you need to install an additional "R632 - KAREL". Then you can work calmly. But what if I need to transmit the coordinates of objects using the camera, what is the best way to transmit them? Need something else to deliver?