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    Have a robot welding cell where an unknown person or integrator set up the Arc Detect input where when the robot main power is turned on and the robot is booted the Arc Detect Input WI [2] always reverts to SIM ON and stays on. If I were to turn it OFF and reboot, it would be turned back on.

    How can I prevent SIM ON when the robot boots up?

    thank you for your comments and appreciate your suggestions>

    Ended up inserting a new line above the existing line that I wanted to modify and eliminate the F statement, added on the new line a new Wait statement for DI[27] =ON, deleted the exising line that had the Wait F and DI statements and renumbered.

    It worked!!!

    I have to believe there is a way to modify the existing line without going through the number of steps I did. Maybe something as simple as placing the cursor and backspacing to remove the unwanted statement.

    Thanks Again

    Fanuc R-30iB Controller.

    I know this is very basic to many but requesting steps for best / easiest method to edit a line of TP logic?

    Logic is as follows: WAIT (F[103:Nose Blnk @ Feeder]=ON AND DI[27:Nose Lift UP]=ON

    Want to remove F portion in the WAIT statement and change logic to WAIT for only DI 27: WAIT DI[27:Nose Lift UP]=ON

    thank you

    HawkME - It was an external e-stop that needed to be corrected; however, needed to get robot moved first. I would never run the robot in that condition; furthermore, the same thing could have been accomplished with a couple of jumpers at the robot external e-stop terminal blocks but did not want to do that.

    Stare284 - Thank you for your response. That is what I was looking for. A way of quickly getting the robot to clear any hazard and then deal with the other issues.

    Thank you for your response and have a great day.

    Material handling robot is in a machine and there is a machine external E-stop that is preventing me from moving the arm. I understand I may be able to change the state of UI 1 *IMSTP from TRUE to FALSE to temporary allow me to move the robot with the teach pendent. Once the robot is clear, i can then change UI 1 back to True and correct the external E-Stop issue.

    Does anyone know how to do that?

    Thank you,

    Now if I had to add several OR statements, identical to the one just added but with different integer values, is there a better way of writing the line of code?


    Thanks for your response and my mistake, you are correct TP and not Karel.

    Also, your suggestion to compare each option with R[1:Part Number] =? may be my best option.

    Could I do this. IF (RI [HxBlnkGrip_CLSD] AND R[1:Part Number]<4 OR R[1:Part Number] =7 Then;


    Thanks again

    Have a Fanuc LR mate 200id with a 30i B Controller and want to modify a Karel program statement to add several OR statements with integer values after the <4 value. Can I just insert <4 OR 3 OR 5 OR 8 OR etc....Logic is as follows:
    • Line 67: IF (RI[2:HxBlnkGrip_CLSD]=ON AND R[1:Part Number]<4 Then;
    • Line 68: CALL M_LOAD_CYCLE ;
    • Line 69: JMP LBL[4] ;