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    also since you do have crc/my portal access, check for the handling tool auto update and tp software updates. the software has been getting updates every few weeks for the past year or 2

    FYI if you swipe left to right on the tablet. click manual, click all manuals.... There are about 50 Fanuc manuals in there.

    Just simply going to system/config. and turning UI's to false will allow anyone to jog the robot. If you really want to stop people from jogging the robot, look into the servo disable in the estop circuit.

    actually if you simply "load" a .SML or .HTML file from the standard file load menu, it will put them in /fr/ so you could try that with a .XML and it would most likely get the job done

    often times i used macros with no group selected to operate stationary cameras running vision processes while the robot it off doing something else. maybe find the next part to pick up before the robot even gets there.

    and yes assigning a gripper open or close to a user key is very handy

    honestly inform (yaskawa moto man) and fanuc are extremely similar.

    what you know as a variable, is called a register

    what you know as a system parameter, is called a variable.

    SLUBRT is, J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 and J6

    now you just have to find how to get to everything.

    Do you happen to know the price you paid for them ?

    And what do you think of them, are they worth the money ?

    I am a programer at a Fanuc Authorised Integrator.

    on your first Question price... I don't deal with price/costs I am a programer

    on your secound question. There is a lot more programming/setup than a standard robot. And this is what my job happens to be so. Anything that keeps me working is a good thing. As an End user, as long as your Integrator or programer dose a good job you shoud be happy with it. assuming the robot speeds and cycle times fit your needs.

    Also, they have huge lead times. Last one I had quoted had a lead time of 30 weeks.

    30 weeks WOW.

    I have setup a 35 and a 7 so far. I know the 7 came in fast. I want to say it was about 2 weeks.

    on the old versions of OLpcPRO and Roboguide, under the teach pendant there was a tab you could click to set the destination of UD1 and MC to a usb in your computer or anyplace you might want to map it to.

    I took me a little time to locate how to do so in the new version so I thought I would just mention it.

    If you double click on Robot controller on the main page (see attached) you can set it there.

    Big difference (at least a visible one) is that the collaborative robots like CR-7iA/L are supported.

    yah I have one of these in the field and can not load up a backup of it. :(

    I have used 2 gig cf cards with the pcmcia adapter so I know you can go that far at least.

    an i do like to stick to smaller usb drives but fanuc sends 8 gig ones with every new robot.

    I think this is what you are asking.
    while in your .tp program (On the Teach pendant)
    F1 [Inst]
    Call program
    and your list of Karel programs will apear.