how to install software options PACs on Fanuc Robots

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  • Here is the procedure, roughly.

    Buy the PAC (Product Authorization Code) for the option you want. It will be a 4 digit number.
    Make sure you have the original install card (or usb stick on newer controllers) that shipped with your robot. If you don't have it, prepare to spend $500 for a reburn from Fanuc.
    Place that in the MC or UD1 port.
    Control start the robot.
    Press menu, go to maintenance, and then hit software install, then when in there hit software option install, then select the load media, find your option, punch the PAC you got earlier, hit authorize, and then install.
    It will take a few minutes to install, and then you are done.
    Cold start robot.

    Check out the Fanuc position converter I wrote here!

  • The PAC code is generated taking as a reference the serial number of the software installed in the robot. Normally, the serial numbers changes between robots, so probably you won't be able to install the option in other robot.

  • Auto Update will install any authorized and initiated software options with the proper PAC, but it takes FOREVER! So make sure you have time to install.

    On versions 7.70 and below, you need to do a controlled start as Nation outlined above.

    On 8.10 and above you can simply select MENU, 7 File, F1-Type, S/W Install, F4-Choice, select USB for the load media, F3-Done. Find your option, enter PAC, select F4 to authorize then F2 to install. Select F5 to initiate Auto Update. From there, follow the promts to finish the Auto Update. Like I said though it takes at least 30-45 minutes.

  • Whatever you want to describe the robot. I don't believe there can be spaces or special characters.

    I usually just use R1, R2, R3....

    If the auto update fails, the backup will be stored in \\00\'Directory Name'

  • Definitely make sure you have an image/backup separate of the auto update media, I have had failures to restore from the update media.

  • I would also recommend using a compact flash card with a PCMCIA adapter if one is available.

    The current USB load media that Fanuc supplies has been very unreliable in my experience. It may take 45 minutes to copy all of the files to a card, but that is better than wasting an hour every time the load media fails.

    Regardless of what type of media you wind up using, always make sure to run APVERIFY.BAT from the load media root directory. If it is successful, it will just close the window upon completion.

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