Call Variables Files

  • Hello, in my program Robot, I would want to make CALL of programs " Variables Files ", thus files Karel, nevertheless I see none when I wish to select the same typical VR program.

    I must be necessarily connected to the bay to make these CALL programs VR?

    I saw on this forum the possibility of reading them via an application in the file root of Roboguide, I followed this method but nothing can be done.

    Thank you in advance

  • Your request is not clear.

    You want to Call a .VR file ?
    From TPE or Karel ?
    In my mind, you could Load a .VR but not Call since a .VR could not be executed.

    What is your target with that .VR file

    If it starts well the first time, you have not checked all !

  • I'm sorry, it is exact, I wish to make a CALL of a file Karel, I have already loaded a file Karel but to correspond to the standard of my customer (Renault) I have to schedule(program) in Orders - Events API.

    On a documentation PDF, it is specified that it is these programs KAREL Orders Events which can being CALL in my routine.

  • ...and don't forget to set the $KAREL_ENB (if I remember the name correctly) variable to TRUE (can be done in cold-start). Otherwise, you won't be able to see anything related to KAREL (programs, choice-lists, variables in the DATA menu etc.).

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