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    for some reason, it is not possible to install the option arctech.basic 1.0 for the robot.

    When you click the install button, it asks for confirmation of the installation and after clicking the consent button, the window disappears and nothing happens.

    The robot does not freeze at the same time.

    what are the welding operators on KUKA that can be used without arctech, of particular interest are the fluctuations and methods of writing them on kss 8.2

    Sounds like file corruption in KSS/VxWorks. This will probably require a re-install of the Windows/KSS core software.

    I may have found a problem, the absence of the vxworks.bin file, I tried to install it from another robot on kss 8.3, now it complains about the vxworks version. Does anyone have access to the robot on kss 8.2.22 I only need one file from there


    please look at the messages below

    details matter. connecting monitor to KRC will likely show blank screen... unless... you connect the monitor to KRC, make sure monitor is powered up and then power up krc.

    please look at the message below, I will be grateful

    Посмотреть и скачать с Яндекс Диска

    Photos of all errors are available via the link

    And I will immediately write a recovery flash drive, as well as the opportunity to get it

    Krc4, Windows is displayed on the monitor, smarthmi cannot start. smarthmi writes that there is no connection with krc

    hi, I am a new user of kuka robots. After a reboot with repeated reading of the files, it does not want to start, namely, it does not connect to krc. Previously there was a similar problem, but it was that another employee changed the IP addresses through Windows. I've already tried connecting an external monitor and smarthmi won't load on it either

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