Changing Circular/Arc Motion to Linear with constant speed

  • Hi All,

    I was playing with robot following a dispense path that have curves and straight line. There is a constant speed requirement in order to make sure the dispense speed stays the same along the path since the flow rate is fixed.

    I had tried many ways and tuning in order to achieve this in simulation (RoboGuide). The thinking process is:

    1) Plot as many points or reduce any points as necessary to achieve curvature, using L motion type. Increase speed only as necessary at the curve parts. Alot of Trial and Errors is needed. This can work on the less sharp curve. However, for sharp curve, this is very challenging as the curve shape is very lacking.

    2) Use circular arc/circular motion to plot the sharp curve. But i notice that when moving back to Linear motion, there is a very sharp drop of speed when transitioning from end of curve to start of linear path, it only will slowly climb back to the constant speed along the linear pathway. The curve shape is pretty nice though.
    3) There is no TCP speed output option available so flow rate cant be adjusted.

    The constant speed can have an allowabel range, so if i can make it as constant as possible then it would be the best!!

    Is there anything I am missing, hope anyone has experience in dispensing application or smooth circular motion can shed some light onto it or give some advice:loudly_crying_face:

    Extra Curious note :
    L P[1] 100 mm/s CNT 100

    A P[2] 100 mm/s CNT 100

    A P[3] 100 mm/s CNT 100

    A P[4] 100 mm/s CNT 100 * here the robot speed output is around 100

    L P[5] 100 mm/s CNT 100 *why the speed here will drop down to at first 80 then slowly back to 100

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  • SkyeFire

    Approved the thread.
  • What version of robot and controller are you using?

    Are you using any additional software packages such as dispense tool?

    using r30ib controller and version 9.40. The robot do not have dispense tool package as of now. I am just using the Handling Pro

  • This is one situation where using ACC150 is not a bad idea. Your speed is low, and you want to maintain constant velocity while dispensing.

    Also, consider purchasing the TCP speed output option. There is nothing quite like doing it right.

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