Alarm Severity Ethernet IP Scanner Advanced

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  • $UALRM_SEV[n] Severity Values

    Value -Action

    0- No action

    2- Pause program

    3- Abort program with error

    4- Stop program motion

    6- Pause program and stop its motion

    8- Cancel program motion

    10- Pause program and cancel its motion

    11- Abort program and cancel its motion

    By default the value is 6.

    +16 added to any value causes servomotors to be turned off.

    +32 added to any value causes the action to apply to all programs and all motions.

    +64 added to any value requires a Cold start to reset the controller.

    For example,

    • A value of 0 causes a warning message to be displayed.

    • A value of 6 pauses the program and stops its motion.

    • A value of 43 aborts all programs and cancels all motions (11 + 32)

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