KukaSim 4.3 time cycle

  • Hello everyone,

    I have KukaSim 4.3 (latest trial version), and I've simulated a station with various robot missions.

    Before starting, I applied a timer, and at the end of the last mission, I stopped the timer, saving the total seconds elapsed.

    My goal is to have the most accurate cycle time estimate possible, but I've noticed that if I run the same program multiple times, the time changes.

    How is this possible? This happens both when selecting "Real Time" and when selecting "Virtual Time."

    What can I do to obtain the most accurate cycle time estimate and consistently get the same time?

    Of course, I always left the speed at x1.0 (Settings Parameters)

    I set these parameters before start:


    BAS(#VEL_CP, 2)

    BAS(#ACC_CP, 100)

    Thank you.

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    I chatted with kuka and says that's normal, and we must take the higher time (in the series of attempts)
    For example:
    Cycle 1: 100

    Cycle 2: 98

    Cycle 3: 105
    Cycle 4: 93

    Cycle 5: 111

    We take 111 sec. (stimated)

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