read speed of a fanuc robot

  • Good morning everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and found many interesting articles,

    I'm an engineering student and I'm trying to create a 6-axis 3D printer for composite materials thanks to a fanuc robot (LR Mate 200iC) with controller R-30iA Mate.

    to adjust the extrusion via the PLC I would like to read the current speed of the robot. the technical service advised me to use the $TCPPSPEED.$vspeed variable, Unfortunately, however, I cannot find it in the list of variables, even if I set PATH PRIORITY in CONTROLLED START.

    Does anyone have an idea on how I can find it or can you recommend a variable that reads this speed in real time? Without it I cannot advance the project

    especially to deposit the fiber it is important that the speed of the motor and the robot coincide, otherwise it could break or deform, losing its properties.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • HawkME

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  • To monitor current TCP speed:

    Set $SCR_GRP[1].$M_DST_ENB to true

    and monitor $SCR_GRP[1].$MCH_SPD.

    Note, this variable only updates while running a program, not while jogging.

    If you purchase the Speed output option you get an even better speed signal that is predictive of the motion planner instead of reactive.

  • thank you so much for the immediate response:)

    can you tell me if this variable is reliable? so if the robot is accelerating does the value change as the robot accelerates? I'll test it tomorrow, I'll try to insert the value into a group for the outputs

    Regarding speed output, do you have a link to provide me? It seems like a very interesting solution and I would like to evaluate it based on the budget.

  • It is reliable while running a program. It will change as the robot accelerates.

    There will be a small lag when passing it to your external device (3d printer control) which is what the paid Speed Output option corrects. It allows you to adjust the lag time in milliseconds and then outputs the predicted speed.

    Without the option you will see some delayed reaction when accel/decel occurs but it may or may not be acceptable in your situation.

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