Fanuc robot R30iB connection to KEPServerEX

  • Hello everyone.

    Have a Fanuc Robot R30iB controller working with a moulding cell locally (on port 1 CD38A) but configured to our network with required IP (port 2 CD38B). We want to collect the internal registers data from the robot controller.

    I read through the Internet options Manuals and the manuals from Kepserver drivers and several threads and will define the persisting problem here.

    Having configured the Robot IP to the one in our network, I am able to access the FTP server and the Webserver of the machine. Want to view those tags in Kepware.

    Have defined the Channel as GE Ethernet and the GE OPEN protocol which I believe is the SRTP protocol. From the FTP server, imported the 'summary.dg' configuration and believe that we have SNPX driver installed on the machine. See below:


    SNPX basic SNBA

    Socket Messaging R636

    TCP Auto Set J520

    TCP/IP Interface HTCP

    TMILIB Interface TMIL

    TP Firmware R789

    TP Menu Accounting TPAC


    Telnet Interface TELN

    Tool Offset J509

    Torque Simulator I/F J882

    Touch Panel R781

    Trouble Diag. & Prev. J958

    USB port on iPendant J957

    Unexcepted motn Check UECK

    User Frame UFRM

    VCalibration Common VCCM

    Vision Core VCOR

    Vision Library VIPL

    Vision SP CSUI CSUI

    Vision SP CSXC CSXC

    Web Plus WEBP

    Web Server HTTP

    Web Svr Enhancements R626

    iPendant CGTP

    iPendant Grid Display IGUI

    iPendant Setup IPGS

    iRCalib. Standard IRCL

    ARC Mate 120iC H844

    AutoSingularityAvoidM R512

    CE Mark J618

    Collision Guard R534

    Collision Guard Pack J684

    Constant Path R663

    Cycle Time Priority J523

    DCS Pos./Speed check J567

    DHCP R526

    Domain Name Serv. J755

    Ethernet/IP Scanner R785

    FRL Params R651

    HMI Device (SNPX) R553

    Integrated PMC J760

    Internet Conn/Custo R558

    PC Interface R641

    PMC Change Mode R652

    Password Protection J541

    SNTP Client R610

    Singularity Avoidance R792

    64MB DRAM D064

    64MB FROM F064


    The other options defined in the Channel.Device in Kepware follows default settings with PLC settings -> Program name changed to LADDER (Not entirely sure if this part is true..?) and the Communication settings -> TCP/IP port 60005 (default was 18245). [Did some debugging, but 18245 always tried to reset the socket when observed through Wireshark and 60005 is another TCP/IP port that was open on the machine controller found using nmap].

    With different combinations of port values, the Quick Client always returned data with BAD quality and Unknown value. The connection seems to go through as the Synchronous device read succeeds but still the data quality fails. see attached. the attachment also shows some inherent system tags that comes along with the driver that do not read any data from the machine.

    P.S. I have not configure anything on the machine itself as it was done by the machine integrator.

    Am I missing something? Do i have to do something on the machine side to enable this data transfer.

    I did some debugging and from the 'ethernet.dg' file I find that connection request through port 60005 is ESTABLISHED but data doesnt seem to come through. Specifically I want to read the Internal numerical registers R[*] into the KEPServerEx.

    Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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