Abort the current program and resume the main

  • Hello again to everyone!

    I have a new question, thanks to all for your help.

    On my Fanuc R-30iB Plus i have a main program that is like an "handshake" that allow to select a program by remote using the shared memory correctly configurated.

    My need is to stop a program when is running, and resume the main handshake by remote using the UOP.

    I have already configurated the UOP with the Flag rack and i have seleceted on system/config:

    - Enable UI signal = True

    - CSTOPI for ABORT = True

    - Abort all program by CSTOPI = True

    and on the setup/prog select:

    - Program select mode: OTHER , DETAIL: $shell_wrk.$cust_name = MAIN

    Now i can from remote start a program, reset fault, hold the robot etc., but i'm not sure what is the way to resume the MAIN program correctly.

    In example, during a movement program when i try to set on CYCLE_STOP and then START flag, sometimes the program start from MAIN, sometimes it continue from the last line in the last movement program.

    Anyone can help me?

    Thank you in advance for all of your advices.

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  • Quote
    Yes. You shouldn't need the hold. The cycle stop should stop the robot.

    Great it's works fine. Thank you.

    I use it for a sort of "threshold control" for the force of the end-effector along the Z axis.

    Moving forward the end-effector of the robot, when the force is bigger than a threshold i just stop the robot and reset the handshake program.

    Maybe i'm wrong, but is not possible to implement a sort of speed control on the Fanuc right ?

  • Sorry, maybe i didn't explain well my question.

    For speed control i mean to give to the joints (or to the end-effector cartesian space) of the robots a speed or a position reference for a closed loop control.

    In example, i want to move the robot along a single/multiple axis/axes (or an angle) until my reference (like a distance sensor, force sensor) have a value that i have choice.

  • Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to do?

    To set your speed and position target you just use a linear move command:

    L P[1] 300 mm/s fine.

    Then If you want to stop at an earlier point along that path use the Skip command. To alter speed dynamically follow the advice in my last post.

  • Hi HawkMe, sorry for the delay of the answer.

    I'm trying to implement a force control of the robot.

    In particular i need to limit the force of the end effector while is moving along the Z axis, using a force feedback obtained by a sensor.

    Now my approach is to read the force of the sensor while the end effector move forward, when the force is bigger than a value i send the Cycle Stop Signal, and restart the main program using the Prod start signal.

    Unfortunately the latency beetween the plc and the Fanuc BL logic program (in high priority mode) is too big with the movement speed that i have set.

    i will try to override the speed using:


    There are multiple ways to control speed. The general override is one option.

    Check out this blog post explaining it:


    in function of the distance.

    There is another way to do the same thing ?

  • Hi pdl,


    If latency is an issue, you're going to want to feed the force control signal directly to the robot as an analog input and use the high speed skip instruction to hold your robot.

    If i have understand your reply, i have to write the force value directly as an analog input to the robot and use the skip condition inside the Fanuc program.

    Unfortunately i can't plug directly the force sensor to the robot due the architecture choice.

    The skip command can abort a current moving program with an ONLINE check of a DI right ?

    I have reduced the cycle time of the PLC, without using a BL program for the cycle stop but using directly a DI with the skip condition can i have a better performance?

    Are the same the brake time of the robot using the cycle stop and the skip condition at equal mm/s speeds ?

  • Quote

    What type of force sensor are you using?

    A Force Torque industrial sensor with a frequency conversion equal or more than 1khz.


    How is it currently connected?

    Using EtherCAT Protocol


    What type of PLC do you have?

    Beckhoff model with a 1ms Cycle time set.

    If you want more accurately info (about the model) tomorrow i will check the manuals, now are not with me.

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