IRB L6E + ESAB LAH500 Rotary table

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    I bought an IRB L6E robot with accessories. Unfortunately I have a problem. The batteries in the memory have been replaced and the turntable and the wire feeder in the welder do not work.

    After replacing the batteries, the Axes were parameterized and the board was added as I remember on port 165.

    It seems to me that the problem is with the analog signal that controls the table and wire feeder.

    Should I show him any additional paramtr tools for communication with the cabinet and the feeder??

    What are the symptoms now.

    The welder is welding but does not feed the wire as if it does not have a set speed and set current because if I change it to 300A, because the potentiometer shows about 100A.


    All servo drive lights are green, but the control cards do not light up when pressing the test button, as if they were not working.

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  • Too bad you didn't get a floppy backup with parameters when you received the system. It's been well over 25 years since setting up an S2 arc weld package, but we can give it a try.

    It will help to have a better understanding of your setup - which boards do you have at 153, 165, 169 and what terminal units are attached to each one? Which welder or weld interface is being used?

    Setting up the ports used for voltage and current (wire speed) is determined by the needs of the welder/weld interface. Scaling is pretty straight forward once you understand how it works and have the correct values.

    While electrically different, S2 & S3 programming are very similar so you can reference S3 manuals for better (sometimes) explanations.

    Regarding the turntable - are you saying there are no lights on any of the YYT boards? Can you jog the robot and the table?

  • Do robota przymocowane są płytki 153 i 165.

    Można sterować robotem i zasilaczem spawalniczym, ale parametry wprowadzane do robota nie są wymagane do zasilania prądem elektrycznym.

    Po zajarzeniu łuku drut nie jest podawany.

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  • Pytanie brzmi, jak wskazać, co znajduje się na końcu sygnału analogowego.

    Because the same parameters of the welder know how to set aside, but they are not transferred to the welder itself


    Plates 153 and 165 are attached to the robot.

    The robot and the welding power supply can be controlled, but the parameters entered into the robot are not required to power it with electricity.

    After striking the arc, the wire is not fed.

  • Think you have the A32 welding interface from ESAB used together with the S2 controller / LAH 500.

    controller parameters analog ports:

    Port 25 Voltage Port

    Port 26 current Port depends on which wire diameter you use

  • If the parameters are correct, then it could be an electrical issue. You could write a test program to transfer test values to Port 26 (or Port 22 depending on setup) and verify the analog output. Can't tell you where to measure without knowing your setup. It could be the ESAB A32 as stated by sjx or the setup has possibly changed in its 35+ years.

    Hint: Make sure to transfer 0 to Port 22 or 26 at the end of your test program. I used R99 = 0 and transferred that at end of program and as part of a housekeeping subprogram. You can also cycle power to clear the ports if you are not keeping the test program.

  • Turntable - when the batteries fail on the memory board, you have either 1 or 2 fitted, all the parameters are lost and need re-entering, including gear ratios etc, have you entered all that manually?

    Welder - I found the LAH 500 robust enough but the A32 was a nightmare.

    Again, have you entered the parameters manually?

    I think I still have A32 wiring diag.

    I have S2 's still running welding in production now. I love them as I know them intimately(!!!)

    I think your problem is all in the parameters you need to enter manually off the teach pendant

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