Automatically update User Frame

  • Is there any way for Fanuc robots to update a User Frame automatically from external data such as a PLC or another data source? If so, what does that process look like and are there non-standard options I would need to make that happen?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • It is possible by different approaches. One possible solution would be to copy the UFRAME into a PR, modify the components of the PR (e.g. by using values from GIs) and then write the PR back into the UFRAME.

    PR[1]=UFRAME[1] ;
    PR[1,1]=... ;
    PR[1,2]=... ;
    PR[1,3]=... ;
    PR[1,4]=... ;
    PR[1,5]=... ;
    PR[1,6]=... ;
    UFRAME[1]=PR[1] ;
  • I was hoping for something a little more automatic. The PLC is getting Cartesian positions of the user frame from other sensors and I was hoping for a way to directly write that automatically. I tried adding it in background logic it would seem writing user frames isn’t allowed in background logic

  • And to add onto this, you can't do this in BG logic as PRs aren't able to be used. The program must be a motion program to do so, so you must CALL it, not RUN it. You can add it to any program that's run every cycle or periodically.

    Be careful moving Uframes when running, if something changes too much you can end up swinging wildly due to a fat finger input.

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