Robot and positioner move speed

  • Hi,

    we have a system with robot and one external axis.

    I see we can create 2 type of job for it.

    1- R1+S1

    2- R1+S1:S1

    in the R1+S1 only one MOV instruction used and the speed in only one tag.

    in the R1+S1:S1 we can use two type of MOV instructions. (MOVL + MOVJ or SMOVL + MOVJ)

    When use MOVL +MOVJ, two tag can select for speed (MOVL V=.... + MOVJ VJ=... or MOVL V=... + MOVJ)

    When use SMOVL + MOVJ, only one tag can select ( SMOVL V=... + MOVJ)

    I will know the relation between speed in the instructions. When i use MOVL V=.... + MOVJ VJ=... which speed use for move robot and positioner?

    Can explain each type of job when can use?

    Thank you

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  • So the first MOVL V is the robot, the second MOVJ VJ is the positioner. So your robot is a slave to the positioner. The Smov's are Coordinated moves. You'll only need to use those when you're doing a Cooridnated Touch routine or Coordinated welding. So if your not going to move the part while you're welding I would just create and R1 + S1 job. It uses much less memory. Hope this helps.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for answers. I will know about speed of working robot and positioner. For example i need to a move robot move with a lower speed but positioner move with a more speed. How can i do it?

    In a MOV + MOV, what speed use for move? (speed in front of robot MOV or Speed in front of positioner MOV?)

  • They'll both move at the same speed no matter what you do since they're coordinated. If you Put a slower speed on the second MOV and set the first speed as unused The entire thing will move slower, But you can only do that for air cut moves, Not while your welding/SMOV's i mean.

  • My means it if i put 10 for first tag and 100 for second tag what speed will use for move robot and what speed for move positioner?

    if i use reversed speed (100 for first tag and 10 for second tag) what happens?

    I don't understand what speed will use to move when we have 2 speed tag in MOV instruction.

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