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    My means isn't send job to c controller, my means is align the job created in Motosim and real robot.

    If the job couldn't align, the real robot couldn't move in correct path.

    There are many choices - Motosim EG/VRC which is made by Yaskawa, as well as 3rd party software such as Delfoi or Octopuz. Each software has their advantages and disadvantages.

    If you are looking for software to be able to program a newer (NX100 or later) Yaskawa robot offline, with importing capability, then Motosim EG/VRC may be the best choice for you. But you will still have to touch up points (minimally) after loading your jobs from the software into the real robot.

    Can you explain how is it possible to sync the simulation software and real robot?

    You said touch, how it can help to sync both?


    We design a tracker for move robot, it is rack and pinion.

    I am define the setting in the maintenance mode for it.

    It need pinion diameter, i don't know what value must set for it.

    Can anyone help and show in a picture what value must to set.

    The problem is in file, maybe this file in SD card of cpu unit broken or deleted.

    When the pendant want to upgrade, use this file and when it couldn't read give this message.

    Check the SD card of CPU unit in the YRC1000 and search for this file.

    Thank you TSGIR

    I check the SD and see there isn't file in it. I check on other robot and copy from it to this SD card and problem solved.

    What was the reason the pendant was removed from the original controller? Same issue?

    The pendant on other robot had problem and we change the pendants, the pendant on the new controller become update and when we connect it to old controller it was update but it give these message in update process.

    My means it if i put 10 for first tag and 100 for second tag what speed will use for move robot and what speed for move positioner?

    if i use reversed speed (100 for first tag and 10 for second tag) what happens?

    I don't understand what speed will use to move when we have 2 speed tag in MOV instruction.


    Thank you for answers. I will know about speed of working robot and positioner. For example i need to a move robot move with a lower speed but positioner move with a more speed. How can i do it?

    In a MOV + MOV, what speed use for move? (speed in front of robot MOV or Speed in front of positioner MOV?)


    Do anyone know about value for Torque Spec under servo monitor in ROBOT menu?

    I will know what things show this value. For example for S1 axis, the Torque Spec is 18. What things show value 18?

    The Max Torque on the motor plate is 8.34 N.m, The value 18 show the axis is using 18% of max Torque (max 8.34) or it show other things?

    What things show the Max Torque with value 47 in this screen?

    I couldn't find any reference about this values in the manuals.

    Thank you

    Thank you.

    the motor is installed on a positioner that designed by our selves.

    we don't use gearbox, we use belt to turn the positioner that workpiece install on it.

    please tell me with this information what value is better to set.


    Do anyone know how can calculate the Inertia ration value for my external axis? (INERTIA RATION when define external axis in %)

    That is mounting on a table that designed by ourselves.

    The motor code is SGMRV-13ANA-YR11

    There are a problem in GP series, you couldn't select robot for mounting on the ceiling, if you initialize it will be on the floor and when use ceiling parameter robot will turn and become same as this.


    I have a CMOS from our robot. That is GP12 and is mounting on the ceiling. When load CMOS in the Motosim , the robot mounting up but the base of robot stay below. See picture.

    What do you think about it?


    we have a system with robot and one external axis.

    I see we can create 2 type of job for it.

    1- R1+S1

    2- R1+S1:S1

    in the R1+S1 only one MOV instruction used and the speed in only one tag.

    in the R1+S1:S1 we can use two type of MOV instructions. (MOVL + MOVJ or SMOVL + MOVJ)

    When use MOVL +MOVJ, two tag can select for speed (MOVL V=.... + MOVJ VJ=... or MOVL V=... + MOVJ)

    When use SMOVL + MOVJ, only one tag can select ( SMOVL V=... + MOVJ)

    I will know the relation between speed in the instructions. When i use MOVL V=.... + MOVJ VJ=... which speed use for move robot and positioner?

    Can explain each type of job when can use?

    Thank you


    I have a question from TCP Reach function in the Motosim.

    Have this function real accuracy?

    I check with a model of robot (AR1440), when it create the motion range, the robot (TCP) can come out of motion range.

    Why this happens?

    I used P-Point mode for create motion range.