ABB Multimove: Launch a Robot B Proc from Robot A main routine?

  • Hello everyone,

    The question may seems odd but i prefer to ask, it's always interesting to know the "do" and the "don't" of the robot we are working with after all!

    I'm currently working on a cell containing two ABB robots and a IRBP positionner, using the multimove system, so i have only one teachpendant.


    When the cell is running in automatic mode, when we aren't yet in production, the robot will stay on a "out-of-production" mode where it will be possible to launch various auto mode maintenance routines (welding torch cleaning, wirecut routine, Bulleyes routines and such...). When i was writing this part of the program (simple TPReadFK and a TEST in wich the robot will loop) i recalled that i only have one teachpendant for all three mech. units, so there is no way i can put the same TPReadFK and TEST on both robot!

    Is there a way to launch a Robot 2 Proc via the main Program of Robot 1?

    I'm currently trying to do it via a "shared" Task containing all the maintenance programs for Robot 1 & 2, but the problem is still the same, can robot 1 mech.unit launch another mech.unit Routine (robot 2 here)?

    As an alternative solution i tought of doing this via variables communicating between robot 1 and 2 but i fear that the TPReadFK will always still displayed on the TP, making any interactions with robot 2 program impossible (maybe by using synchronisations?). :thinking_face:

    As a last possibility, i tought of trying to create a screen dedicated to it on the PLC user interface, but that will be less comfortable for the user...

    Thank in advance for your reply,


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    • Helpful

    I did something very similar quite a few years ago. I think that this module will help to get you going in the right direction.

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