XG11.1 Security Interface

  • AD
  • TA terminals are pulsed outputs. Think of them as positive terminals (although they go FALSE for very short time, this is known as diagnostic pulse). But... there are two of them because channels A and B are not the same phase (diagnostic pulses have different timing).

    Inputs also have terminals A and B that need to connect to matching TA through corresponding circuits of the safety devices.

    Input marked as "channel A" must get signal from TA that is also "channel A".

    Input marked as "channel B" must get signal from TA that is also "channel B".

    one must not cross-connect them... (IN_A0 is "A" channel and must not be wired to something that connects to TA_B which is a "B" channel)

    Unlike previous KRC types, KRC5 does not have safety input to acknowledge operator safety. But acknowledging operator safety is still required and must be a manual function. This means you need to use external safety monitoring relay (Pnoz, G9S or whatever).

    So the operator safety circuit would connect to SMR, as well as ack button. the outputs of the SMR would connect to XG11.1.

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