Lost of Mastering Data after power outage.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm currently using a KR100-2P with KL1500-2 linear axis, KRC 2 Ed05 (V5.6.9).

    The robot was running a program today and we had a power outage. When the power's back and we turned the robot on, KRC notified "Performing Mastering" for all axes, including our E1.

    We checked the "Monitor->Rob. Position->Axis Specific" and all value is at 0 (when it shouldn't be because all the axis are not in their 0 value position).

    So, we took an archive ALL right afterward, replacing it with another archive ALL we made about 2 months ago, then proceeded to Restore ALL. But after re-booting and checking "Axis Specific" values, they are all at 0.

    So I'm thinking that the Archive ALL didn't include the mastering data of the robot. And I wonder if we could find and restore that configuration. Or if we need to re-master the robot.
    Currently, the robot is the position where it was performing the program, should I jog the robot out of the way?

    And if we were to re-master the robot, I'm unsure of how to proceed for the linear track, as it's now not in its 0 value position.

    Edit: We found out that the track has a mastering mark for the carriage so maybe that would work. Please let me know if I'm wrong

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  • Yes, you have to remaster. there is no way to recover the mastering data when it is lost. But before you remaster the robot check the battery's. A power outage should not cause mastering loss. that is one of the reasons the battery's are in the cabinet.

    Currently, the robot is the position where it was performing the program, should I jog the robot out of the way?

    you have to go to the mastering position anyway so that is fine.

    Every problem has a solution, that isn't the problem. The problem is the solution.

  • Archives do not store Mastering Data. Or, rather, not trusted Mastering Data.

    On KRCs, Mastering Data is stored in two parallel copies -- one on the hard drive, and one on the RRDC EEPROM in the base of the robot arm. During a controlled powerdown, using the batteries, the data on both ends is updated.

    But when the batteries are dead, this update cannot take place. So when the robot boots back up, the two data do not match, and as a safety precaution, the KRC treats the Mastering Data it does have as unreliable. The only way to fix this is to re-Master the axes.

    The way to prevent this is to ensure the batteries are in good condition. Normally, they need to be replaced every 3 years.

    If your linear axis is made by KUKA, there should be an EMT gauge mounted to it somewhere, just like each axis of the robot. If it's a non-KUKA axis, then there should be a mastering pin, or mark, that you can use with the Dial Mastering menu option.

  • So we did remaster the Robot today and will proceed to do additional check.

    I'm aware of the batteries in the cabinet used to allow for the system to be properly powerdown, not causing any data loss. But after the outage and after booting up the robot, there's no error message about the batteries low voltage so I'm quite unsure if it's just the outage that could cause the data loss, or whether it's also because of the batteries. That being said, We will replace the batteries soon, to prevent this happening in the future.

    Thank you

  • A defective RDC card can also cause mastering loss on shutdown.

    That happend to our KR30 KRC2 and changing the RDC for other reasons solved that problem for us.

    Or... EEPROMs are only rated for so many write cycles. And the youngest KRC2s today will still be close to 20 years old. So it's possible that the RDC is functionally fine, but the EEPROM is no longer accepting writes correctly.

    I would test it by first confirming the batteries, then place the robot at Mastering position on all 7 axes, then switch off the power. The KCP should stay illuminated, and the PC-rack fans should keep running, for ~30sec or so, the duration of the controlled power-down.

    Then power back up, and see what happens. If the Mastering is lost again, then the RDC is suspect, but with the robot physically at Mastering position, you can simply do a quick Dial Master on all the axes.

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